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Versace Spring/Summer 2008 Full Show | EXCLUSIVE | Milan, September 27, 2007 | High Quality (HQ)

Fashion Channel Full Show MFW Milan Fashion Week S/S 2008 Spring Summer 2008 Versace

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The 2010's have been the decline of fashion! I personally think these clothes are timeless but even then I'd rather look \
bring these girls back! supermodels!
Aizen K
Russian models killed this catwalk!
Ali Rizki
Can kendall do this? Lol
Anais M
I love them especially godvlada
Anamika Dudvaani
So great to see no phones at the finale haha
Andrea Guevara
When Caroline Trentini was curvy and sexier... now she is all flat and skinny..
Andrés Elbaz
Golden Era of models.
Andy Zaturno
The most iconic fashion show of all time.
Angelo Franz
We need more of Tanya and Vlada (where the hell are those two) in today's runways...\n\n...and less of the nepotic gang (Kartrashian, Hadids, the Baldwins) + Harleth Kuusik, Marjan JANKman, Juliblah Nobis, Natalie freaking Westling (for the love of god), and a whole host of more B L A N D, BOW-LEGGED JANK MODELS ruling the runways nowadays.
Aramis Cruz
Vlada Roslyakova SLAYYYYY
No diversity at all but this line up was perfect everyone walked so awesomely ughhhh mariacarla is perfect gosh!
Bonté U
This when I fell in love with Versace & fashion
I'm so jealous of the hair! Oooomph!
Chris Zaghi
This casting is impeccable. Everyone one of these girls could out walk 99% of the new it girls in a heartbeat. I miss the 2005 -2009 crew.
Christian Scott
For me this represents almost perfection in casting. My only gripe is that Anja should have been there too.
Clay Byrd
We NEED Tanya.D back on the runways ASAP!!! her presence is beyond EVERYTHING
Carmen closing the show is EVERYTHING❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dimitri Mardoche
versace's best show ever
Dominic Ciccarelli
how many times will i watch this before i die
Don Lim
SNEJANA is sleepy as usual. Sasha P is possesed! Carmen Kass is the auntie of the batch
Dw 070
all the baes *heart eyes
Edward281 806
4:57 when the runway happens to match your garment🤦🏻\u200d♂️😂
Eff ZzzzZ
the sexiest thing is to watch Tanya's back while walking at the end ♡
Esteban Garcia
This is the the Holy Bible! the Holy trinity Mc boscono, Queen Natasha and Vlada
Evo Shomar
Donatella Loves Sasha
Fraser Cook
Everyone walks like they own everything. That's a true model
Mariacarla and Vlada so effortless!
Natasha's walk at 4:40 was incredible and a personal favourite of mine.
Haya Glamazon
The model at 12:03 is sensational!
Itachi Uchiha
8:06 me attending your funeral
Carmen Kass? More like Carmen Yass
OMG so many great moments in this show but the one I keep rewinding over is Mariacarla at 10:28 she owns the world in that white dress even the music seems to be announcing her arrival as she takes command of your attention!! One of my favorite shows.
Jade Lexan
♥Snejana Onopka♥
Juan Eduardo Cabezas Cáceres
Vlada \u003c3 My eternal favorite
Justin Hopkins
This is the pinnacle in the evolution of the runway walk. This particular walk is the final outcome of a slow transition that started between 1994-96. Watching each season progress from the mid-90's is quite interesting. This perfectly balances showmanship, with contemporary aesthetics and style. In the spirit of objectivity, we can't over-romanticize the past, but it's safe to say this is a far superior walk to today's. In 2016, designers prefer introversion, bordering on awkward walks, devoid of personality. However, there's been a recent crop of shows that are allowing models to be more expressive. Hopefully it catches on.
Kevin De la Cruz
Sasha is a mad woman!!! I love her here! greatest line-up ever!!
Kristian K. Soriano
Natasha Poly and Michaela Kocianova are sellling the clothes perfectly! Snejana as well.
L Starr
Commentary on walking, Carmen Kass, and Coco Rocha by J. Alexander\n\nOn crossing and stomping: \
7:15 me after drugging my sugardaddy and scamming him out of all his creditcards
Lucas Bertolli
The first model was only 16 in this show! She's so confident
Luis Rojas
I expect a 20 years special show by Donatella in 2027 celebrating the greatness of this show, with Mariacarla, Natasha and all these girls walking and audience going nuts!
Marques Brown
MiggSuper Man
Physician: you have only 1 hour to live\nme: *watches this show 4 times*
Naomi thought she was a great walker until she saw this: 2:07 4:43
Miss Belle
For those who get it: This will be Versace's most iconic show!!! And there's great reason too... The outstanding assortment of colours, fabrics, designs, and silhouettes that just make the woman look beyond beautiful! Such a fantastic collection and fashion show to this day! \u003c3
Mohd Alif
When models actually KNOW how to walk and work the runway. Great casting.
The new Millenium models almost all of that era were cast for this show AMAZING! When the models were just models and not desperate to have millions of fans or being in the public eye all the time they were unreachable in a certain way.
This is what I call fashion show and real supermodels!
Pablo Saavedra
OMG !! Thanks for uploading this video in HQ... Snejana, Carmen, Mariacarla, Caroline, Tanya, Raque, Vlada all the good walkers... specially in love with Vlada R. @ 8.06
Paulo English
Vlada looks less like a mortal being and more like a goddess in this show.
Life happens when Vlada crosses Tanya 12:43
Ravuth Long
back when models can actually walk
I miss Vlada so much!
Ricky Chen
The first model's walk is everything♥
Robert Johnson
The runway doesn't come any sexier or interesting! 100% cream of the crop models at the high end. Versace selects the best of everything and it shows. Like the Supermodel era in the early 90's this was another great time.
Scotty Leakes
Is it weird that i watch this show every month?
Strappo butchy
This inspired me to run a mile
Super Ace
VLADA ROSLYAKOVA... such a smooth walker this babe as always, that's why she had 3 looks because the clothes just flows perfectly on her. Gorgeous!!! I miss her on the catwalk.
Sydney O'Bier
Back when you had to own your walk and slay the audience, not focus on making it to the end of the runway and back without falling.\n\nAlthough I will say the model at 5:11 is losing her shit, and at 9:04 she gave us a drunk pose 😂 and I wish some of these models here could keep up with the tempo of the songs chosen haha.
Szymon Wolnicki
wow that is so wonderfull!!! beautiful girls, great make up and hair style, clothes to die for and really nice music. nice catwalk and that energy!! i really like versace fashion shows but that would be my favorite one! \nsexy & classy! :D \nI live in Berlin, girls are so hipster and messy here... i would love to see that outfits on girls live :)
Valeria Fischer
0:44 Tanya Dziahileva, 1:02 Lily Donaldson, 1:16 Suvi Koponen, 1:30 Vlada Roslyakova, 1:44 Anna Ilnytska, 1:56 Caroline Trentini, 2:09 Carmen Kass, 2:23 Raquel Zimmermann, 2:37 Michaela Kocianova, 2:50 Bruna Tenorio, 3:04 Denisa Dvorakova, 3:17 Snejana Onopka, 3:33 Magdalena Frackowiak, 3:48 Freja Beha Ericssen, 4:00 Viviane Orth, 4:13 Isabeli Fontana, 4:27 Catherine McNeil, 4:43 Natasha Poly, 4:57 Coco Rocha, 5:11 Sasha Pivovarova, 5:27 Maryna Linchuk, 5:41 Mariya Markina, 5:54 Bette Franke, 6:07 Olga Sherer, 6:18 Mariacarla Boscono, 6:30 Ksenia Kahnovich, 6:47 Suvi Koponen, 7:00 Masía Struss, 7:11 Jessica Stam, 7:28 Magdalena Frackowiak, 7:39 Denisa Dvorakova, 7:54 Freja Beha Ericssen, 8:09 Vlada Roslyakova, 8:23 Michaela Kocianova, 8:36 Snejana Onopka, 8:46 Coco Rocha, 9:02 Sasha Pivovarova, 9:12 Maryna Linchuk, 9:25 Viviane Orth, 9:37 Isabeli Fontana, 9:53 Natasha Poly, 10:06 Bruno Tenorio, 10:21 Anna Ilnytska, 10:30 Mariacarla Boscono, 10:44 Lily Donaldson, 10:59 Mariya Markina, 11:11 Jessica Stam, 11:29 Catherine McNeil, 11:40 Raquel Zimmermann, 11:54 Suvi Koponen, 12:05 Caroline Trentini, 12:22 Kasia Struss, 12:33 Vlada Roslyakova, 12:45 Tania Dziahileva, 12:57 Carmen Kass :)
Vlada Natasha
It's so tragic watching this realising how much of a flop 2018 models would look like when compare to these batch of models from 2008 starting from Gigi, Ken, and Bella . Just so sad
That sequence from 8:02 until 8:55 with Princess Mason's Perfect in the background always brings chills down my spine.\n\nWith the amount of flashes while Michaela Kocianova rocks that beige jumpsuit - the photographers approve. That jumpsuit is indeed beautiful.
teaching book of fashion shows
Zuriel Bravo
So much YAAAAAAS at Tanya Dziahileva at 12:44 YAAAAAAAS! 🙌🏻
aldilla karimma
Vlada Roslyakova my fave !
Caroline Trentini is definitely a Versace girl
Models now days should use this show as a tutorial. Specially Gigi and Kendall. Fashion editors and costumers deserve some respect.
Those tan leather safari jackets could not have been chicer. Absolutely beautiful. Any woman would be lucky to own one.\nHow much I miss Daria Werbowy, Carmen, Angela Lindvall and Snejana on the runway.
i can't believe this show turns 10 in a month :(
MariaCarla is too cool to just normally turn around at the end of the runway
I have to say this is probably one of the most fiercest catwalk fashion show of all time. All the models were just superb and beyond fierce. Talk about walk with an attitude. To me, I had to say that young Belarussian model Tanya Dziahileva who open the show and just a teenager commands so much attention. Her, Vlada and Carmen Kass were my favs, but the rest of the models were also awesome.
hdhgd gfgfb
4:42 me omw to become billionaire after that my 100years old husband passed away
hitchcock scene
after 9 years i still watch this. why? this look is timeless. the way their hair bounce, the nude glossy lips, the classy barbie look without looking plastic instead looks elegant. everything still looks amazing up to this day. and its fecking 2017. overall what makes this a great show since? THE MODELS KILLIN IT.
kamila Ford
The look on Snejana’s face is “I’m doing you a favor walking in this show”
melancholy grl
This is Donatella's most iconic show.
All gorgeous models.
mizz Lebanese
Not only is this the most sexiest, feminine, eye-catching, alluring, beautiful and simply OUTSTANDING Versace show for women... it is WEARABLE! The silk/satin fabrics, perfect tailored trousers, the flowing drapery... These clothes will MAKE you stand out, make you FIERCE, and make EVERY person on the street turn.. whether in jealousy or admiration... it will put them on a complete trance... SHOCK! I absolutely LOVE this show!!! \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
*blissful look* \nThe good old days when models could actually WALK and not need a bazillion Instagram followers to be considered \
sandra heros
versace have a true models
sara sampaio super fan
4:38 Me going to school on monday
uhm no
the casting here is truly A+ tbh. Most of these girls went on to become top models and they all have their own distinctive look and walk. I miss this 2005-2012 career era.
wesley st-denis
SOUNDTRACK\n\nSimilian mobile disco - Sleep Deprivation\nMia - Bamboo banga\nYeah Yeah - D raminez mix\nMason vs Princess Superstar - Perfect (exceeder)\nTrick & Kubic feat Valeska - Easy\n\nhave a nice day xxx