Batman The Dark Knight - LIVE Performance

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1Life Resist
My 5-yr old son would love this. He's a Batman fanatic and once I caught him just sitting in the couch listening to Batman sountrack.
Ali Hassan
This music is actually the Birth Of Batman character, Amazing composition by genius people.
Alkimia Heisenberg
Impresionante.La música que habla por si sola! HANS ZIMMER !
Alnir Zaly
147 people wanna watch the world burn
Amish Sheth
E.P.I.C. :-)
Anakonda 15
amazing i want this on my funreal...
Antonio Carlos
why do we fall, Mr. Wayne?
Arturo Muñoz
Grande Zimmer💜 una joya de Soundtrack😍
Anyone know what instrument he uses to make that \
Ayush Gautam
Still watching in 2017.
Balbo Target
bob kane & bill finger created the batman....tim burton gives him a soul ....nolan ans zimmer make him immortal
I like the way they walked out of the performance like a bunch of cool gangsters.
Ben Murk
Min 3:30 just let me cry here lol
Bob Trufant
Chun Kit Chan
Master piece
Cup n arms Vu
Vader The Darth Knight
(Confession) I hit like before the song started....
Dermot Lopez Productions
sounds like batman begins music. my fav
Don Hernán Hernández
- A Dark Knight.\n- The Dark Knight.\n- Complete Motion Picture Soundtrack Colectors Edition. \n- Hans Zimmer And James Newton Howard.\n- Year, 2008.
This is a special video you have here. Brilliant stuff!
5:02\nHas Hans Zimmer been using this segment in all his DC compositions?\nIt's extremely subtle here, but he transformed it into a partial theme for Superman and was partly in \
Flying Fox
Thumbs up if u think that taiko drum is sexy!
Frederic Cabioc'h
Musique exceptionnel musique incroyable et incontournable qui nous transporte bravo hanz zimmer merci beaucoup
begining sounds like abit of tron legacy
Pleas have look at my videos, hope to see you at the restaurant soon!!!
Gisselle Lopez
the best composer for the best superheroe and movies of all time
Guido Michael Tabone
Awesome sound...
Ian Oliver
I've been around a long time, but Hans is simply the best composer of my lifetime. I thank goodness to discover this man's work. He is a true genius!! His music just encapsulates me like nothing else!!
Iván Berrazueta Ocampo
Son Seres Humanos que están en nivel de Genios!!!!!!! Composiciones y ejecuciones musicales maravillosas, espectaculares!!!!
J.Sercan Yacan
How genius is he! He get inspired from sound of bat wings.
Javier Gregori
expectacular me encanta por su contundencia oscuridad y emotividad,
Jerome Joker
Muito Bom.
Juego Perfecto
OMFG :`)
It looked like Hans and James were having a really slow classical music rave...
When Nolan & Hans step into work together, you expect nothing less than masterpiece
Kenny Tee
Really should be an 'epilepsy' warning before the start of this video.
epic soundtrack :)
Marccello Silli
Increible me cague mas de miedo con esto que con la pelicula buenisimo \
Marco Krieger
Thats probably the loudest bat in the world...\nI got goosebumps ontop of my goosebumps during listen to this.
María Núñez
Maravilloso, un goce para el oido |m|
Megas XLR
Mert Sirin
Screw all mythology, we have a German god.
Michel Millerioux
Toujours s uperbes music de Monsieur Zimmer !! J'aime beaucoup\u003c3 ;-)
Mohammad Atif
Mohammed Azam
what was that thing in the start?
Mr. Manbat
No puedo esperar a ver el trabajo de Junkie xl y Hans Zimmer en batman v superman
77 persons don't love the music.
Nhoj Ogn
if i was the richest man on earth i would pay someone to go find Hans and kidnapp him i can have him perform for me anytime at my house
Nicholas Dagnino
The greatest modern day composer in my opinion, right up there with Ennio Morricone, Howard Shore, Michael Kamen. eargasmic music!!!!
Paul Zenco
Epic goosebumps!
Pedro Catalão
hans zimmer is the best of the best contemperanios composers of all time, his music goes far beyond the soundtracks of the films, conveys a strong inspiration art, every sound is a real journey of pleasure, art in its purest and clear, thank Hans, do more, do not stop :)
Hans is the closest thing to being the Lord Jesus Christ one can get!!!!
Perseo Hernandez
Beautifull and powerfull !
Pranot Zode
Such goosebumps that even a dead rise with rage from Grave
Prateek Divakaran
He's one of KIND, so does his music. This magnitude of orchestration is his forte. GREAT! Especially the French horn completes beautifully, such a treat to your ears!
Qué Cosas
0:24 what's that instrument or device he's holding?
Rah_ul g
brilliant... !!!!
Ramon L. Rodríguez
Amazing!!!!!!. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Ramon Mota
This is not the dark knight's score, thats Batman Begins'
Raoul van Lennep
When is Hans Zimmer going to come to Barcelona to perform ?
Rodrigo Vivas
Ronnie Richards
Rómulo Zúñiga
Zimmer es de las glorias vivas que tiene Hollywood. Está a la altura de Bernard Herrmann, Morricone o Nino Rota!!!!!!!!!
Sameer Bapat
Santiago González
Sattam Dutta
Hit like before you listen it.... obvious isn't it 😎
Simon L
Oh my god this is amazing, i so want to see him perform the whole 3 films live his music is just breath taking and it sends a powerfull message especially in this composition i so would love to see him live with this kind of light show to add to the amosphere :)
Solrathuku Ila
Zimmer is a *Mastermind Musician*
Stefan Biedermann
Einfach nur klasse .... bin gespannt, ob es mir irgendwann mal gelingt, in so eine Live-Performance reinzurutschen und die Musik zu genießen ... ohne immer die lästigen Filme dabei sehen zu müssen ;-)
Sumeet Kumar Yadav
Arrive, Raise hell, Leave. Like a boss. That's Hans Zimmer!
Tokyo Sydney
If your are epileptic forget Hans Zimmer
Ulkesh Chaudhari
Anyone still watching in 2018 apart from me...
Varun Raj
These visuals reminds me of the last time when I was high.. I'm gonna have hallucinations now, good ones tho
Wasan S.
Seeing this live kinda remind me of Kitaro
Wesker Projects
his music is just legendary...nothing else can beat him...not one genre! he is just a God!
this is just amazing...
If God ever made music.. It wood sound like this!
bruno diaz
mi musica es la mejor
jacob mcclure
I'm a Silent Guardian..A Watchful Protector.....A Dark Knight.....I'm Batman
I love the Tokyo concert Bass drum
lukas RPS
marcos silva
mark whitehead
The dark knight best soundtrack and movie EVER :)
martin gräfe
sagen wir so...wenn ich mir das video so anschaue - ca. zum 547sten mal-, dann sehe ich wirkliche altmeister..... es sind zwar zum größten teil computer und elektronische instrumente...aber alleine das verständnis für musik, was aus den tracks von HZ zu erkennen ist.... beneidenswert diese fähigkeiten
mmm mmm
Masterpiece !!!!
6:02 is the moment you all are waiting for. Thank me later.
pranav singh
Wow! This shit is amazing
Omggg Hans is the chosen one or whaaat
Honoured to see both Hans Zimmer and his buddy James Newton Howard on stage! They must have had a great time working together.
shahab noorani
با جرات باید گفت : بهترین موزیک فیلم که تا به حل شنیدم.The Dark Knight
virgile brigman
absolutely  mesmerizing wow wow wow the best performance music
think zimmer is the one composer cut out for the task of Bladerunner 2 but! he must hold true to the sound of Vangelis
Александр Борисов
Даже спорить не буду,великий человек. Великий композитор современности
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Batman The Dark Knight - LIVE Performance