Hans Zimmer - Pirates of the Caribbean Medley - Hans Zimmer Live - Köln - 28.04.2016

Hans Zimmer - Pirates of the Caribbean Medley (Jack Sparrow, Love Suite, One Day, Up Is Down, He's a Pirate) - Hans Zimmer Live - Köln - 28.04.2016

28.04.2016 Cologne Hans Zimmer He's a Pirate Jack Sparrow Köln Love Suite One Day Pirates of the Caribbean Up Is Down www.hanszimmerfans.de Hans Zimmer Live

A. Haikal Ruslan
Woah, I just shed a tear. That was amazing.
just 5:54 and enter a new world
Aagosh Chaudhary
This is the most glorious thing i have ever heard in my entire life.
Touche' Hans.... Touche'
Those drums at 10:20. Heaven.
Airyne Gargantos
Sht why is Will and Elizabeth's theme making me cry again?!!
Akshay Shah
this is best music ever created.
Alolan Atem
10:29 the smile on Hans Zimmers face is gold worthy. One of the best themes he has ever written!
Alp Atasoy
02:56\n+Davy Jones: The chest, hand it over.\n- Jack Sparrow: I can set you free, mate.\n+ Davy Jones: My freedom was forfeit long ago...
Amal Cm C J
ആ 10:28 പൊളിച്ചോളി... 😁
Andrew Watson
The love theme from At Worlds End is one of the greatest pieces of music every written.
Aph Earth
Is no one going to mention the live parrot on the accordion player's shoulder?
Apurv Singh Baghel
If 10:28 doesn't blow your mind, you're a lost cause!\n\n\u003c3
Arambabe Arambobo
5:53 💔 Will and Elizabeth shippers who else alive?
Aravind C
2018 anyone ?!
Arka Azizul
The left sided girl who's played violin is so Gorgeous!!!!
BC Studio
ok, i'm seriously in love with that female cellist ....
Breaking News
The 3 sirens played beautifully!
Carlos Contreras
Min 5:24 ....... BEST!!!!!!!!
Carlos RS
I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have the patience to listen to the entire piece. This is just unbelievable. Hans you are a god.
Clarilitchi lov
Some people don't understand the power of this song, in particular at 4:50
now i know is possible love 3 girls in the same time :)
Daniel Awesome
Wow, that concert did not go smoothly at all, but still, it's awesome. I still can't imagine what it would sound like if everything was perfect.
Debajyoti Bose
Best part starts from 10:25 and look at that smile from Hans !!
And Hans Zimmer plays the piano for fun.
Fabiola Duarte
I'm shaking
Fawad Ali
total orgasm after 9:20
Felix H.
10:28 levels of badassery no one else will ever reach
Gaming Tv
Fluch der Charibik ist der beste Film
Gautam Narang
best music video i have ever seen.. i salute to all the great musician out there.. its beyond my expectation.. well done give me goosebumps.. great job everyone..
10:33\nAwwww yeah boi!
maybe this is my most watched video on youtube :D
Jigar Shah
i wonder why the hell it didn't win a single OSCAR for Original Score or Background Music. it is clearly one the greatest movie scores ever made.
Katka Tran
10:25 that transition nearly made me cry
Krishnakumar Subramanian
The music itself speaks a fairytale. Almost like the story of Jack Sparrow even if you haven't watched the movie. Starts with comedy, then there is an intense emotional period with elements of positivity, comedy and anger but where things change and then a sacrifice. There is acceptance to what has happened but a plot to come back is charted. The tale culminates with the victory of the protagonists.
Zimmer looks like a child in a toy store.
Laurent Langlais
I had the chance to see them live 3 times this year - culminating with being seated on the 3rd front row in Dublin. I can honestly say that I have never experienced stronger shows, ever, and that those concerts are now among the best moment in my life. Do not miss a chance to see those guys live.
LoserKid Music
Zimmer deserves a guaranteed pass to heaven
Lucas Ferreira
For the record: I'd give anything to watch one of those Hans Zimmer's concerts
Matteo Pirovano
This is something really amazing and completely mind-blowing. Hans Zimmer is a genius and this performance is something spectacular: awesome arrangement and incredibly immersive performance... the violinists and the cellist are incredibly talented! Really impressive and yes - maybe the Pirates of the Caribbean's score is the best one that Zimmer has created.
Love how he just stands right in the middle of the orchestra, facing the crowd like he's a DJ haha. Hans knows how to present orchestral music in modern times! Such a genius. Great performance by everyone!
Med Made Simple
11:40 eargasm
1:40 - 1:49 my fav bit!!
For anyone hearing these for the first time, and wondering what that weird feeling is... you just got Zimmered.. thats what that is
Nelz Ursich
did anyone else shed a tear of joy to how beautiful and well done this is? i had no clue pirates of the carribean could go this hard. no words. hans is a god. all hail lord hans
That Asian girl on cello in the start...omg.She is so hot.
Nithin S Kurapati
@10:29 goosebumps so hard. I started crying..
Noah Key
in past they had bethoveen we have hans zimmer
Olle Forsberg
It's interesting how the accordion so easily makes us relate to the golden age of piracy, while the instrument itself wasn't invented until the 19th century.
Omotunde Femi-Pearse
Saw him live yesterday. Bloody brilliant!
Pranav Limaye
Hans Zimmer + Orchestra = Tears + Goosebumps
Prithviraj Dhotre
Omg I'm in love with this epic music & the girl in black dress ☺️😍
not nearly enough cheering
Awesome. It's so heart filling.
Rakesh Sharma
Hans Zimmer always puts the soul in the body of music
Randal G
Hans Zimmer Era, the Mozart of 21st Century!
Rebecca B
i cried so hard last night when they performed in Melbourne Australia. it was so intense. feels like they can touch your inner soul.
My favourite sondtrack of all time💗😍🌹
Ronak Christian
Exceptionally amazing no words after 10:28 Hans Zimmer out standing words never describe
Rômulo Bittencourt Pereira
Guthrie Govan?! Is that him? WOW!!!
SBF Clips!
hans zimmer is amazing
Saleem Frazer
This entire performance is the audio definition of an epic masterpiece. 4:16 to the end is by far one of the most epic things that I've ever heard in a very long time. Such a masterful performance. Seriously I want that piece of music performed the way that it is here so I could play it every week.
Sandra Anny Løvland Gonzàlez
Watching this video every day... Please tell me I'm not the only one that always cries at 2:48
Does anyone know what the piece at 6:50 is called? Was this just arranged in or is it in the official soundtrack? It's incredibly beautiful, and the emotion they play it with...
Selene Melgar
I won’t ever get tired of this one, oh my god so powerful!!!!!!
Seth Shannon
Hanz Zimmer is just a total genius. He's the Mozart of 21th century. DAMN !
Shreya Modi
Oh God I started crying. At 5:55.. I love that part. No music has ever reached so deep. At about 10 minutes I was laughing through my tears. It's so beautiful.. I can only hope to attend one of Hans Zimmer contest.. It's so breathtaking \u003c3
The brunette on the left playing the violin is sexy😍😍😙
The Crusading Slav
that cellist is having an orgasm as she plays
Tina Guo
So much fun! \u003c3
Vignesh Raja
You'll die at 5:50 and 8:10.... Its like getting ultimate goosebumps.
Fabulous 👌👌👌 9:19 😍😍
Vivek Krishnan
this one has better sound than the other video..
Tina Guo plays like she is the cello, it's like she's being strung, totally transcended. it's beautiful to watch
Will Smith
I love the violinist standing next to the accordion player. She is so into the music and its awesome.
Yacine Tolba
1:26 to 4:14 When you climb 15 floors to reach your apartment !! At 4:17 you remember that building is not your building xD
Yee Snarky
Although Hans Zimmer is credited with writing the theme 'He's A Pirate', the actual song was composed by Klaus Badelt in the first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl, and was the final version, which differs quite considerably to the piece that Hans Zimmer wrote and demoed for the film. Zimmer spent one day writing and making demo's on The Curse of the Black Pearl, and as such came up with some of the ideas for the main themes for the films score, but as the score was fully written and fleshed out by Klaus Badelt, it should be credited to him, not Zimmer. Zimmer did the score for the second film, the third and fourth, but not the fifth. In all while Zimmer's scores for the Pirate's film franchise are good and competent, his music is much weaker and watered down than Klaus Badelt's score, which I much prefer. Much of Hans Zimmer's music is quite good (Pirate's or otherwise), but he not the strongest music writer in the world, and I feel that although he should be given some credit for this particular music, it should also be credited to Badelt.
amine faid
10:28 daaammmnnnn 😭😭
Okay, the sound was great but the girls tho \u003c3
basiş Gaming
Abi dunya ha4ikasi resmen bu dinleyism 4 olucak abi harika onkestra helel olsun çalanlara çok zor bi parca bu çaldiklari en guzel kosomlarindan biri 8:58
Twice. I've seen them twice in concert, and every time I cry like a baby. Just watching it gives me goosebumps. Jeez, Hans, you truly are the best out there... \u003c3 (And Tina Guo: you are an artist. A true and amazing artist.)
cường phí xuân
I really really really hope that there will be an official MP3 version of this from Hans Zimmer :(
dag harald Santiago
I love you guthrie
dhritiman hazarika
You came for 5:53
himanshu sharma
If I were to die today, I'm content after listening to this masterpiece. Beyond words.
Goosebumps!! That was awesome!!\nNow let me just reply 10:28 a gazillion more times.
mandhata mishra
This music shows up very deep grief and after that raise of hope, I think this music is suitable for Lord Buddha and his family, when he left his home in the search of the Truth
First L. Beethoven, Second H. Zimmer....the best of the universe
All of them are so happy when they're playing. I want to find something in my life that would make this happy :)
roland deák
i cant stop crying
Solo Cellist is fierce AF. This arrangement is just crazy. To put all of these instruments on a stage and use each of them to add the perfect amount of depth and interest is purely amazing. The players made sure to put just enough in as well. The electric guitar could’ve wailed, but only the basic tone comes through and adds edge when playing in unison with the others. Beautiful.
venla p
you've no idea how much it hurts that I didn't get the ticket even he was in my country couple days ago... Im just crying
10:28 is the sound of adventure!
Живко Яннкулоски
The expression on Hans' face when \
Світлана Федорів
Where can I find the music scores? Could you, please, share a link?