"Weird Al" Yankovic - Smells Like Nirvana (Official Music Video)

Music video by "Weird Al" Yankovic performing Smells Like Nirvana. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 7,037 (C) 1992 Volcano Entertainment lll, LLC

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Why am I Just NOW Finding this?!?! *dies laughing*
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Fun Fact: Music videos existed decades before YouTube.
I am amazed by the number of commentators on this video who didn't know that Nirvana gave Weird Al permission to do this song.
This is still a legendary song(the original)
Alex .G
Damn this song inspired Nirvana to make \
Almost Random
How the hell did I miss the guy on fire when he's gurgling? Jesus! 😂
American Amtrak Railfan
I think you sound more like madonna than nirvana
one of the best weird al songs. that was just hilarious
Beverly Davis
still better than today's music
I'm glad the drummer's shirt said \
Bryan Bubock
Cam Johnholtz
That riff is actually badass
It's scary how well they've re-created the original music video.
Cliff Trainor
I love how Al loves getting personal permission from the original artists like he did for Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson. He even said these two were the most difficult to track down and he could barely understand anything Cobain said to him so he took it as a yes.
Cool Beans
Daniel Haskins
Dude, Nirvana totally parodied this song!!!
He who is tired of Weird Al, is tired of life.
DrKate L.
Whenever I get totally sick of being middle-aged, Weird Al is the cure. \nHe reminds me of all the great stuff I would have missed if I was young today instead of in the 70s, 80s & early 90s. (I admit to conveniently forgetting everything that sucked.) The downside is that I'm going to be dead when the millennials are still going strong, but at least the music at my funeral will be way better. \n*Dear Overly Serious YouTube Comment Reader: Insert smiley face or another emoticon here that clarifies my joking tone.
Einis Pro
There's a joke in litterarily every single shot here...
And this was how Nirvana learned they had hit the big time.
Emily Petsche
I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night because \n\n\n\n\n\n\nMy dad is taking us to Place Des Arts to see Weird Al Yankovic live in concert!!!!!!!
Ethan Hopper
Any one who’s tired of weird al is tired of life.
Why are people butthurt about Weird Al making fun of Nirvana?  Quit being major fanboys.  Weird Al personally asked Kurt if he could parody the song.  No, the song wasn't created in 2009 like many people seem to think, that's simply an upload date because if you didn't know, Youtube didn't exist in 1992 when this song was created, but you'd have to do the impossible task of reading the description to solve that mystery.\n\nPlus, you cant deny that Weird Al did a wonderful job of mocking the original song.  I've known the original song since long before I heard Weird Al's version.  Its been around 20 years yet I still cant decipher a word Kurt was saying.  Weird Al portrayed that perfectly with \
Gaty MMO
Steve jay as Krist Novoselic was perfect
It never gets old
Harnish Patel
You just got a new subscriber man
Holden Walters
1:56 current weird Al has time machine goes in vid and gets spooked by his old self
IanTheGreat Productions
One of weird Al's best parodys! This is hilarious!
James Hart
Best parody ever
Jared MacDonald
What amazes me is that he got the all the extras in the original video to be in this song!! 😂😂
Jared Richard
I hate when I hear people say oh this is disrespectful to Nirvana. When in reality Cobain loved this song. And they even got all the extras from the original music video. Now that's dedication!
Jason Juneau
I lose it every time he bends the guitar at 1:17
Jasper Abyss
1:13-1:17 are the absolute best.
Jose Jhons
I love that cow and sheep they are such good singers
Judas iscariot Supper star
Weird al is a good reason not to kill myself
Kathleen Gribbin
Shaved head tattoo \
Kimberly Andreson
its hard to bargle nawdles zouss with all these marbles in my mouth lol
Klaas Gersson
This, kids, is what parodies really are.
Kt the Logician
This man is a genius.
Lee MacWilliams
Fun fact: Kurt loved this.
Left Is Best
2:14 on till the janitor with the bass trombone is arguably the best bit 😂😂
Apparently Kurt Cobain loved this and was incredibly honored to have been parodied by Weird Al.
Lone Star
Really sounds like \
Mark Cadu
Kurt hated this song, this made him love it again
Mark Fulcher
[Verse 1]\nWhat is this song all about\nCan't figure any lyrics out\nHow do the words to it go\nI wish you'd tell me, I don't know\n\n[Pre-Hook]\nDon't know, don't know, don't know, oh no\nDon't know, don't know, don't know\n\n[Hook]\nNow I'm mumblin', and I'm screamin'\nAnd I don't know what I'm singin'\nCrank the volume, ears are bleedin'\nI still don't know what I'm singin'\nWe're so loud and incoherent\nBoy, this oughta bug your parents\nYeah\nHi\n\n[Verse 2]\nIt's so unintelligible\nI just can't get it through my skull\nIt's hard to bargle nawdle zouss???\nWith all these marbles in my mouth\n\n[Pre-Hook]\nDon't know, don't know, don't know, oh no\nDon't know, don't know, don't know\n\n[Hook]\nWell, we don't sound like Madonna\nHere we are now, we're Nirvana\nSing distinctly, we don't wanna\nBuy our album, we're Nirvana\nA garage band from Seattle\nWell, it sure beats raisin' cattle\nYeah\n\n[Solo]\n\n[Verse 3]\nAnd I forgot the next verse\nOh, well, I guess it pays to rehearse\nThe lyric sheet's so hard to find\nWhat are the words? Oh, never mind\n\n[Pre-Hook]\nDon't know, don't know, don't know, oh no\nDon't know, don't know, don't know\n\n[Hook]\nWell, I'm yellin', and we're playin'\nBut I don't know what I'm sayin'\nWhat's the message I'm conveyin'?\nCan you tell me what I'm sayin'?\nSo, have you got some idea?\nDidn't think so, well, I'll see ya\n\n[Outro]\nSayonara, sayonara\nAyonawa, hodinawa\nOdinaya, yodinaya\nYaddayadda, yaaahyaaah\nAyiyaaaaaah
Mateofaustrialia Yup
3200 anyone???
Max Gray - Sheet Music
2:26 I love how the instrument you hear is clearly a trombone but the janitors playing a tuba
Mexican Homer Videos
So true I can't understand any of the words from the original song smells like team spirit
Michał Małecki
This comment section:\n10% People actually commenting on song\n45% Comments Telling Nirvana fans to stop getting offended \n0% Nirvana fans getting offended \n45% People pointing out people are telling Nirvana fans to stop being offended even tho nobodys getting offended\n\n\n\n\nWelcome To YouTube
Mophie Girl
BEST parody ever xD
Nairon Reis
Nate W
Fun fact, Cobain hasn’t felt like he “made it” until he saw this video. Apparently he was rolling on the ground laughing after seeing this. So, thanks Weird Al. You gave Cobain a sense of fulfillment.
Nathan N
Nirvana did a good cover of this song
Packie McReary
Could not find one comment from butthurt nirvana fans, but a ton of people telling nirvana fans to not be butthurt.\n..\nWhut
PinkTiara ToyFairy
Potato Joe
this is the greatest video i have ever seen.
Ramya mel
I love Kurt and nirvana more than the average fan and i find this parody beautiful
Ray Leonardi
OMG I just discovered this today and it's fucking great
Rob DePolo
Im slightly dismayed at how many people here don't understand parody.
Roland and Nicky Serna
Best parody of a song ever!
Rowley Jefferson
2:16 me when i play basketball
Cobain: \
It annoys me that the fans of Nirvana find this disrespectful. This was made before he died and he was so happy So asked if he could do a parody. He even wrote that Al was a musical genius.
Rip Kurt Copenhagen
Soda 🇵🇷
There are more comments complaining about people complaining about the video more than comments actually complaining about the video.
Swag Feather
10k butthurt nirvana fans lol
The Dummy
Fun Fact.. Kurt/Nirvana were in the SNL studio when Al called to talk to Kurt to get his permission to make his version.. they said Kurt was tickled about it and was happy and couldn’t wait to hear it and said you know you made it when Al wants to do your song 👍
This was the first thing by Weird Al I ever saw, back in the early 1990s. I saw it on MTV. I thought it was the most amazing thing ever. I was saddened that back in those days we were at the mercy of MTV to air it. How wondrous that i can see it whenever I want now.
Trains N' Stuff
1:16 NOW THAT'S A REAL FENDER BENDER. I'll see myself out.
Ya'll realize that Kurt Cobain said he felt \
Vince Omega
One of my favorite Weird Al Parodies.
Virtual Wrestling Entertainment
The 10k that disliked this are Nirvana \
90% Of people cant tell the difference
I don't understand why so many Nirvana fans hate this. Kurt actually loved this song, unlike the original, which he actually hated.
Wyld Hawk
lol my mom always said \
Fun fact: weird al never told kurt it was ok to paraody him and it led to kurt's depression because it hurt kurt deeply to be made fun of doing what he loved.... jk i just had to switch up the same comments over and over again lol. I lost it at the gargling scene though. Had to pause to finish haha
And there's a reason why Weird Al is still one of the most respected artists of the modern world. This is one of them. He still has, at the absolute minimum, a couple dozen more reasons why he's a living legend with a shelf life of over 40 years and going.
Damn al really be calling out all mumble rappers even before the genre was born
Thank God someone makes a video on how trash the lyrics are in the song \nWe need more wierd Al
cayden mcnutt
Fun game: show this to a drunk person and tell them it's the real video
I really love this - not only are the words incredibly clever (e.g. the reference to the title of the album 'nevermind' ) but the visual jokes that aren't obvious in the song are very funny too! I love it when the video actually adds something new and unexpected to the experience.
drama llama
OK but is nobody gonna point out the kazoos
I think Nirvana would like it 🤙🏾
The greatest honour for any singer - to get a Weird Al version.
i have no name
Kurt was \
liquid metal
Better than original.I mean weirder than original.
mi mi
nude alien
This was recommend to me and I thought this was the real one and I was not displeased
redbird saraceno
AhHahaha ! ive never seen this vid til now , pretty funny stuff . Always liked weird al parodies all the way back to the 80s.
I lost my shit when he gargled to the tune
I love Nirvana. But this is funny as hell.
Sing distinctly, we dont wanna!\nBuy our album we're Nirvana
trevor miller
How could Nirvana parody such a perfect song?
tse tse
Better then original
tutsy bassista
at 2:55. Tony Hawk is the guy with the shades
sayanora sayanora \nis this Japanese?🤔