Jumpy | Short of the Week #045

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An arcade character is facing an impossible jump.Jumpy | Anthony Falleroni------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bloop Animation is a blog/YouTube channel about animation and filmmaking.We make:Video tutorials, awesome articles/interviews and guides, how to make an animated movie (a complete step by step series), books, courses, short films and more.

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Alden Moeller
the thumbnail is almost the same thing as the super mario bros 3 box art!!!
Idres Gurashi
Watch diamond Jack!!
The art looks like the cover art for Super Mario Bros 3
King Kash
Thank you so much. Great channel its help full! long live adobe flash
I am a simple man, if there is Super Mario Bros 3 in a thumbnail, I click.
Is there any online place where we can give our project file and get rendered fast ???
Pixclue Studios
New sub to you.
Yoshi Koga
I'm learning animation as a complete beginner in order to create some content for YouTube with songs created by myself. Simple, short videos like this one with a song in the background. This videos actually inspired me even more to get there some day, and I know, it's gonna take years, but I can do it \u003c3
hamoudi ski
i wish you mention the animation of rebbeca sugar \
matter of time [DZ]
Wow you were not lying when you used that the message were power full :)\nIt was just simple\nAnd beautiful
You guys are talented and impressive with your video work. It would still be remarkable to see bloop make a full feature animated film with blender.