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When there's no more room in Hell, Mike and Jay will discuss the George A. Romero zombie classic Dawn of the Dead and manage to avoid using the phrase "social commentary" the entire time.

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Doesn't anyone ever lock their doors in this movie?
Al Windsor
Re:view galaxy quest
I really like the re:View series. Especially the longer, uncut discussions. Is there one for this video too? It is very pleasant to listen to my favourite group of frauds talk about MOVIEAS.
I hate this movie and see nothing good about it. I'm not trolling just genuinely confused after seeing the new one excited to see the \
Arthur Baker
Hey, maybe review a film that Mike enjoys and Jay despises for an interesting nuance.
Beter Griffin
The dawn of the dead remake was T R A S H
BigBad Bryant
Is Freddy Krueger replacing Jay?
Bill Roberts
Shaun of the Dead has the best zombie event reveal, where Shaun doesn't even notice everybody is zombies for way too long and he himself acts like a zombie.\n\nAlso nice Freddy Kreuger sweater!
Billy AIDS Virus
bug on the floor at 27:25
Brett DiPasquale
Avoided talking about Land of the Dead, huh? That's probably for the best.
Christopher Noonan
Mike and jay should make out
Cleaveage Tenshi
I'm Jay for Jay.
Corvus Vidya
Where's my Night Court re:View?
Is Donald Trump replacing Vlad the Impaler?
Danny Boy Jango
Darian Harman
Mike would make the best High School gym teacher.
Is replacing Half in Bag? What r next?
Detective Bernstein
Saw a reddit filled with people discussing how mike is evil and the plinkett reviews are mean towards women
Domenick boucher
Re:view of The Thing(1982) next? One of my all time favorite movies!\nAlthough I'd imagine in the spirit of Halloween slasher films would be good too.
Dominic Milani
Hey! Vampires aren't based on Donald Trump! They're based on Rudy Giuliani!
Duilio Murai
Ethan Moore
Fuzzy Dunlop
I'd love for you guys to do a re:View of 28 Days Later. That's my favorite \
G Vulture
I am surprised you can't buy this film on Amazon anymore especially the blu ray, why wouldn't Romero want to keep making money from this film even after he's passed on? It's iconic and is a house hold name in terms of horror movies, it should be always be available to purchase until the end of time!
Gabriel Clarke
No more Soundcloud extended cuts? Those were interesting ):
One of my Fav movies of all time. :)
George Costanza
Do a re:view of Halloween 3, it's pretty forgotten in that shit show of a series and is kinda interesting as a stand alone movie.
George Lucas
Re:view of Ishtar?!
I love it when it's just Mike & Susan talking.
There will always be room in Hell for these hack frauds!
Dawn of the Dead is one of those classics I can only have a distant respect for. Everything about it has been expanded on and improved so dramatically over the past few decades that a lot of it is hard to sit through. It feels like a trying peanut brittle after a lifetime of Butterfingers. I get it, but it's just not the same.
Nice sweater Jay... or should I say Freddy Kru...e...g... \n\nohhh... everyone already noticed. I guess that makes me a hack fraud... 😢🔫
James Brincefield
Is Jay intentionally dressed up as Freddy Krueger?
James Halford
The greatest zombie film ever made. Period.
'78 Dawn Of The Dead is my favorite movie of all time. It's a rare beast because even it's quirks, oddities and short-comings can all be seen as enhancements from certain point of views. It captures what I love about movies and film-making.
Jose LP
i had a dream where Mike beat the shit out of me.
Just Jim
Wait, was that one level in the mall in Left 4 Dead 2 a reference to Dawn of the Dead?
Kel M. Hill
I would have expected much greater enthusiasm for this title. No discussion of Ebert giving it four stars, or his reasons for doing so.
Kristina Downs
yay my favorite power couple
Lenky Lad
Is Jay replacing Freddy Krueger?
Lucas Rossi
found my copy on piratebay and it was on sale!!!!
It seems that the main characters of this movie were... Left for dead.
Matt P
Fun fact: Tom Savini was a photographer in the Vietnam war and that was his inspiration to accurately depict gore and violence in movies\n\nLoving your channel guys
I have a copy of \
Do \
Love them Jay and Mike sized pumpkins.
Nice Freddy Krueger sweater bro!
Neal X
Time to listen to \
Nicholas Stavinoha
Being early is the key to all this.
One Opinion
Jay hasn't seen Brad Pitt Zombie Movie. That makes me feel better.
You guys should Re:View Repo Man with Harry Dean Stanton.
Pavel Michalek
Stoklasa back. Baumann back. Replacing comments back. These are things I know!
The actor who plays Peter found fame later on as Kenan's Dad in Kenan and Kel on Nickelodeon! yay for 90's nostalgia!
10:40 I don't really think the remake captures the apocalypse well. It is too fast and sudden. There is no break down of society... society is just gone when the main character wakes up in the morning. I think the opening to the original with the news casters arguing and screaming at each-other, abandoning their jobs, and in all the confusing sending out wrong and deadly information, conveys this much better. As do the scenes later on in the movie as the TV broadcasts the characters watch gradually become more haphazard and then stop all together.
Sanjuro Shinjitsu
The Re:View reminds me time and time again why I love you guys. This series really brings out what comes through in all your projects, love of film. It resonates with each one of you. Thanks for making some really quality productions.
Senior Woodz
The mall in the movie looks so different today. Still filled with zombies though.
27:23, cockroach under the table...
23:10\nThe stretching vocal chords gets me every time.
Seriously, look at Jay in the very first half in the bag to now. Guy is like wine.
BOOOOOO for no Halloween (or any other) commentary track. Those are great. Re:view is nice and all, but as \nseemingly permanent replacement product for Mike/Jay/Rich commentaries it's the most disappointing thing since the TNG movies. You know you could just do blind commentaries on crap films - like AVP2 you half-promised us few years ago\nalready - with no pre-research whatsoever, that would be even quicker and easier to do than Re:view.
Jay in his cute little Freddy Krueger sweater! D'aaawwww! :'D
28 days later is the best zombie movie.
comparing Donald Trump to Vlad the impaler is more of a complement than insult.
The Gray Market Safari
One of the best lines of all time: \
Tombstone Dreams
why do you have a guy that has no feelings, one way or the other, about horror or Romero himself, on your show? Romero is a fuckin legend. (despite his last zombie films) Dawn Of The Dead, 1978 is a master piece. Beautiful- horror
Tony Frazier
They did not print those camera signs out. It was 1978; they didn't really have printers capable of that, at least not widely available. Those signs are obviously spraypainted with stencils.
Securing water. Being stuck in a building. Gakkou Gurashi was good.
Has anyone seen the mini-series Dead Set by Charlie Brooker?
Vincent's Price in the Last man on Earth based on the novel I am Legend predates Night of the Living dead and the \
Shaun of the dead is a better dawn of the dead remake than the actual remake
I see they're already in the halloween spirit. Jay is freddy and Mike is dressed as rich evans.
Next Plinkett Revie: Half-Life 3
Yavriel Sechelle
I guess you guys aren't putting the whole reviews on Soundcloud anymore?
Yoshikage Kira
FINALLY! I get to listen to two rotting old hack frauds talk about zombies.
There's a bug crawling on the floor at 27:24. It's creeeepy.
a crowbar
I think I remember Romero saying he intentionally made the blood so vibrant because he wanted to invoke comic book-like imagery, such that the blood looks like red comic ink.\n\nMike and Jay, what do you think of Romero's later zombie movies? I'm especially curios about what you think of Land of the Dead (2005)? That one feels like a sequel to Day of the Dead.
tfw dummy head is secretly robert downey JR's head in tropic thunder
Crazy. Fortuitous? I found Dawn of the Dead (anniversary edition) on VHS yesterday at the thrift. The box is all Technicolor and stuff... Thanks for the re:View, fellas!
Freddy Krueger sure looks younger than I remember him....
We are getting a lot of Jay movies with Mike not into it. Can we get some Mike movies next?
F the remake. Long live the original!
john smith
I'm really digging Jay's Freddie Kruger shirt in the vid since this is horror themed/Halloween is soon. However, I'm surprised Mike didn't dress up as Mr. Plinkett. Would have been cool even if he went half Plinkett. No worries though, thanks for the great re:View!!
kyle Thomson
The most off putting thing about the remake is how badly it's dated. The colour grade and digital cameras from the time look like shit
Dawn of the dead (2004) is my favorite modern zombie movie.
Why is Freddy Krueger sitting on Jay's chair?
I've had a pretty lousy week. Pretty sure my girl just broke up with me, and I have an incredibly grueling weekend of shooting to do for college. We're talking 4 AM to 12 PM kinds of shoots. But seeing a new video by RLM always makes my day better. Thank you for all that you guys do.
Do a re:View of They Live.
I'm 16 minutes in, and so far there has been no mention of the fact that it was Dario Argento who set Mr. Romero up with a villa in Rome for the sole purpose of writing the \
Watching Mr Stoklasa not being depressed and intoxicated is so unnatural.
\u003eno jack josh or special guest max landis\nliterally unwatchable
Western PA is zombieville. I can get to the set of Dawn of the Dead (monroeville mall) in an hour. I can drive to the set of Day of the Dead in under ten minutes.
We need a Re:View of \
I love Goblin's score for Dawn of the Dead, it's such a weird choice for a horror movie but it works somehow. One of the most entertaining movies ever.
I've got a case of the \
科技城堡: The Sci-tadel
George Romero's focus on editing rather than shot composition arguably gives the film more of a documentary feel, in contrast to the remake's very cinematic style.