Danny Elfman's Music From Batman & Batman Returns

Danny Elfman's Music From The Films Of Tim Burton: Batman & Batman Returns. November 1, 2014 at the Nokia Theatre LA Live.

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Where can we buy this? Is it available for order anywhere?
Anthony Jonas
I ride through the hood with this shit bumping in my Hella cool van. my van looks like a tank. it's total dousche of me but equally bad azz.
Batu Certel
which orchestra is this?
Budimir Borcic
Does anyone know the lyrics that choir is singing?
Cool Duck
no dislikes good!
Damien Davies
lovely video :)
David Harvey
2:47 Danny Elfman's Finest and Tim Burton's vision for the Dark Knight brought to life....phenomenal!!! Many thanks for sharing this exquisite work.
I just overdosed on all this epicness.
Ed Vega
2:47 My favorite musical sequence and part of the 1989 film: the ride to the Batcave. Descent to Mystery. \
Danny Elfman's Batman theme has always been the definitive Batman theme in my mind.
Gabriel Ríos
Thanks man, for share with us this magnificent performance! Thanks a lot, you really give to me some wonderful memories, when the soundtrack, the acting, the direction, the composser and everything work together to make this epic movies! Better for me than the superhero movies from today. Thanks a lot!
I'm just some Canadian guy and I say
2:47 - That's the stuff. ^_^
Isabel Bel
This its a old movie rip batman 1989 1992
Jack S
Danny Elfman is bringing this music back for Justice League. Thank you GOD!
James-no-more Bond
this made my day great video.
John Nelson
KJ McNeill
Kabuki Shade
Had Elfman lived anytime before the 1900's, and had he been the author of these musical pieces ONLY, he would've been considered as one of the great classical composers..
Karim Labbée
Batman returns is the soundtrack i prefer the most from Danny Elfman.
Leandro Ciccone
this is EPIC 😲😍
Malcolm Smith aka Average Joe
I just got chills watching this love it
Marco Carreon
This music gives me chills every time :)
Marcos Garcia Romero
C'mon... say YunkieXL version of Batman's soundtrack is better... I goddamn dare ya
fantastic video .Thanks for sharing
Oliver Law
truly amazing.
Perfection Productions
Beautiful music! So tragic and moving.
Peter Figuerman
AMAZING! great selection from Burton's films. Thanks for sharing!
Player 1
This is what I listen to when I don't wanna hear radio music. Energizing music. It can have Ups, downs, and be motivational. Music on a another level. In this case, I like the Danny Elfman version best.
what the song at 12:31 ? thank's
Ralf Ski
Big time chills
RedRam Ipsen
Right in the god damn feels
Wish I was there!!! T_T
Rubén Domínguez
Elfman composing again for the Batman character... November 2017!!!!
Saw this live in LA and it was just incredible.
Thank you for this upload!
Smoov Operata
Omg!! Yes!!
I saw the CSO do this at Ravinia a few summers ago, it was amazing
Tobias Stolla
i respect this komponist
Varun Sharma
That's some sick artwork
Oh. My. God.
mr horror
I love the jokers theme very loud and fun but with a bit of a sinister edge to it also.
natalie brookes
omg gives you shivers one of the best soundtracks going
percy zapata
Agradecido muy Agradecido !!!!!
shadow king13
Hearing these old pieces from live orchestras brings a bit of a tear to my eye as along time fan of these movies
The sequence of the Batmobile going through the forest will forever be perfect.
ッRad Shawn