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Babbling cat sounds like hes saying Oh Long Johnson. SUBSCRIBE: For all licensing inquiries please contact: info(at)homevideolicensing(dot)com

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ARC the Clarinet Master
0:48 I love how, even when growling like a normal cat, he sounds disturbingly human. :o
Ab 。c Abc
Angry Penguin 6
Is it me or does the cat sound like Peppermint Butler?
Awesome Will
As seen on America’s Funniest Home Videos
Chacha Wulandari
Ooooh my dog\nOh long john\nOh long johnson\nOh don piaaaano\nWHY I EYES YA?!\nall the life long daaay
Christian Grey
0:37 Oh, Don Jiohnnaayyy
Helen Folk
OMG Lmaooooo 😄😃😀😊
I see it like this I feel like
Oh lyhhhhh yhhhh hm. 0:46
Josh Thomas
A classic cat.
Luiz Gustavo Miranda
y love you so much oh long johnson y want you for me y love cats
Miguel Martinez
Orangecabinet? Does your name refer to the orange guitar amps
South Park brought me here!
Neze Chatman
bring that cat back and maybe he will talk.
Pat Gogan
Cats long gone but lives in internet fame eternal!
is this your cat?
Tom McHugh
Wait all the long johns are dead oh my dog is a perfume and after he says don piano he gets angry and say why I eyes ya all live long day? MAYBE HE SEES SPIRITS ALL DAY
Zachary Dockstader
I like how the other cat is just standing there like \
oh don piano