Dead Island Tribute - Mad World

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Shortly after the game launched I saw that no one was personally making videos for it, sadly by the time I finished there are plenty to choose from. Was originally going to use the audio from Coldplay's Paradise as well but this guy did a good job.

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Trouble is people rush games now then slate them, they don't enjoy them they just rush them, they play it like cod without getting sucked in I wish gamers were like us and played it like it was us in the game, but I'm afraid it's all full of tools well mostly tools anyway.
David dueñas
Un juegazo. 
Ethan Ket
So true sir
cant wait for dead island riptide this game mad me happy and sad the heartbreaking of people trying to be happy on vacation and end up dying happy because all the zombie dismemberment!
Janishi Zitexion
this should have a million views! whats wrong with people on youtube?
Katie 49
Its sad ;( 😢😢