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MayDay - Action, DramaStoryline:Twelve miles above the Pacific Ocean, an errant missile strikes a state of the art passenger jet. The flight crew is crippled or dead. Now, defying both nature and man, a handful of survivors must achieve the impossible: Land the airplane.Starring:Aidan Quinn, Dean Cain, Kelly HuUSA - 2005

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Totally incredible. When a decompression event happens then it is over in seconds. There is not an endless supply of air or air pressure inside of an aircraft cabin.. LMAO. And what you are not told about cabin decompression events will shock you. *Your eardrums generally burst as you pass out from the excruciating pain.* Of course the airlines do not want you to know about this inconvenient fact. *Edit...THIS MOVIE IS WORTH VIEWING. It EXPOSES A COVER UP THRU ATTEMPTED MURDER BY THE US NAVY AS WELL AS THE AIRLINE AND INSURANCE COMPANY.*\n\nI am glad I suffered through the first incredible minutes. I did not turn it off as I was expecting more unrealistic comedy. *Then it got real.* Thanks for the upload.\n\n*DO NOT FLY. If there is an accident then they may intentionally kill you to save money.*
Abdulkadir Mohaa
Really very good movie thanx for the apload
Ahmad Abdullah
Amazing how people put potential liability ahead of the lives of others. The first options almost always involve a \
Akram একরাম
beautiful movie👌✌✌
Alf Khan
So I ask how much plain crash in real life did they cause & cover it up???
Allen Cohen
When the military and/or the central government, executive branch, makes a big mistake, it becomes a CYA operation, as the first priority, I am sorry to say !  Anyone disagree with my assumptions ?
Annisa Apriliani putri
the movie it's good.. i like your movie.. succes boys..
Anthony Gadaleta
Excellent dramatic movie, well constructed, developed, acted and filmed. It would be great if a sequel were made - the ramifications would be jaw dropping
April Rose
You really cannot trust insurance companies.. They first prioritize their business risk before their clients welfare. This is undeniable truth..
Ashael Naivolasiga
Beautiful Movie.Was entertaining. Thank you.
Ashwin Mehra
Inspiring movie and a great moral lesson to be drawn from it : never give up ! In the face of resilience, even the best technology can't stand in the way of will. Where there's a will, there will always be a way.
AzmahBt A. Hamid
I think all stevedors must learn how to take care in case emergency n handle the fligt good person n do the best
Azra Sayyed
no English sabtitle
Becky B
Just goes to show once again...never trust the government, and you damn sure don't trust big corporate insurance companies. This movie kicked ass. 2 thumbs up.
Catherine Cross
Brilliant movie
Chandra Dasa
wow she is a big time crook a completely evil.
Chino lewin
this movie is just so damn amazing i had to watch it twice. really good stuff i have to say.
Chris Hristov
OK, a missile chasing a drone that flies at MAX2 should be traveling at least MAX3. when it hits that plane you shouldn't be able to even see it and the force of that impact would make that plane fall apart explosively. They would've all died instantly without even understanding what was happening. But, it's a movie after all.
Nice movie! Makes me want to visit San Francisco
Daniel Young
Darryl Goben
this really hapened to flight 800 off coast of new jeresy..but the plane crashed an all died..just another cover up
Dolores Kirtley
Too bad the sound is messed up.
Doricas Mwenya
I like it but very scary
Edith Great
Am not leaving my wife,
Ellen Ripley
That was a nice looking plane. Like Concorde/747 crossbreed.
Eric Moore
There's one thing they forgot, at 65,000 ft the interior of that plane would freeze over in less than a minute, there would no survivors.
I have no doubt that there are people who would crash the plane in order to cover their butts.
this is what might have happned to the lost malaysian plane,there is a rot in the insurance sector
Nice 👍 movie
Flyfactors UK
Thomas Block and Nelson B de Mille wrote this as a novel originally and I remember buying my copy in Eldoret (Kenya) a few years ago now. Block had aviation knowledge but de Mille with aviation medicine / aeromedics knowledge makes this novel absolutely horrific to picture. One of the best team ups to write a novel which I have come across IMHO. Inspired by this and David Graham's 'Down To A Sunless Sea' about a nuclear holocaust unravelling around the Trans Atlantic Flight commanded by Captain Jonah Scott I am planning to write a novel like this one day :o)
Henrik Andersen
It just shows how insurance company works no respect for life \nGood movie
Good movie, they could have made it a bit longer by showing the boss and insurance lady going to jail.
Julie Vigeant
A gripper, thank you for all the interesting comments. Makes me want to finish my pilots training. Demonstrates the evil intentions of the military. All for a missile, sigh...
Justin Elvis Jr
Awesome movie.
Justina Marina
Awesome landing.
Kennedy K
Hey Uploader...Nice Lip syncing!!! Do they sing too?? That incident should have NEVER happened with todays technology! The government should be held totally responsible for their part of stupidity.
Kishore Bodhe
Great movie
Krish Reddy
An excellent movie I recommend this Never Give Up I thought pilot was really easy just driving it like a car but no pilot is a very hard thing they had to know what should they do they should do the risk a pilot 👨\u200d✈️ is a great man \nA Big Salute For The Pilots!
Li Ki
Lilian diensag Geburtstag 34
Linda Crandall
Luciano Guerra
Thank You Loader. Good movie. I just know what that guy is thinking destroy the plane an it will be report as just another plane that disappeared while on route. It happens an some were done on purpose. No way in hell did all those planes and ship's disappear on their own.
MIQ Imran Hermayatna
Regardless of technical knowledge about aircraft, temperature, atmosphere, and altitude. this movie provides a reality in life, that there will always be some people who sacrifice a lot of people to just cover up his mistakes. but many people remain with the value of humanity. Life is so short and waits for the judgement day. Just be a good person. not because of expecting heaven of God, but because making people happy with sincerity, this short life becomes meaningful.
Maipokelo Ngulube
Am 22mnts in the movie and I can't breath.....wth is going on
Marci Turner
The voice and the movie does not match up at all. They are a few seconds off from the other.
Mariamel Maldonado
Exelent goodddddd movie thanks
I've read the book. It's a LOT better than this melodrama.
Mona Ramsew
Omg I am never getting on a plane or if I do I don't want the door side....really good film scary as well
Nar Cruz
humanity dont exist with the guys and a woman.
Next level Roof Cleaning
thank you for this awesome movie
Osa Yinbolo
🤔🤔🤔It was good but did not end well🙅🙅🙅🤔🤔
Patrick Griffitt
Not a bad movie. Of course artistic liscense is rampant. As has been mentioned already the airliner looks like a cross of SST with 747 and the missle a cross of Sidewinder and Sparrow. At least the fighter is an F18. Missles do not actually have to strike the target aircraft(some outdated ones do,Falcon). 11000 is good altitude for people to breath. Why only one Oxygen mask in cockpit?
Putri Naflah Aarizna
Tengok citer ni...trus trfikir mh17😢 dn trfikir jgak pasal mh370..mngkin kh bgini nasib kapaltrbang tu..🤔
Ramos Jhenald
The asian woman so hot. Damn.
Raw Deezy 713
Great movie
Relic Hunter
Maybe rename this movie \
Rob StGeorge
Nuts! I wanted to see those two ass-hats (blonde & the guy) who tried to sabotage the flight in handcuffs and that idiot Navy guy who wanted to terminate the aircraft also court-martialed. Oh, well, you can't have everything, I guess.
Robinson Kioeg
Insurance company vs airline passengers. Survival or death. Money vs life. Good vs evil
Great film!
Roger M. Vinck
Must be a 1930 movie when they had difficulty synchronising thz sound.
Ronald Duthweiler
One of the best air disaster films I've seen. Pins and needles all the way!
Sagheer Khan
It was really good movie
Sara Hannah
Nice movie! Highly recommend. (and, Thank You for providing!)
Selena channel
Unfinished ending, fake acting!
Sunny Nivea
kelly hu oo la laa
Thank you! Good movie. I enjoyed it greatly- and the dogs made it🐩💞
Sweet Heart
How do they have air???
Teri LaFaye Pistol Poet TM
This is such a good movie! I know I've seen it, but worth watching again. Thanks.
Tholus Amon
The book was awesome.
Thomas LeMay
I find it amazing the number of people who think that fictional movies are factual there has never been a fictional movie that was factual I'll even go so far as to say most that applies to docudramas also and in a lot of cases it applies to documentaries. So if a movie director wants a passenger plane flies at 60000, 70000 or 90 thousand feet backwards and changes shape he can do that it's a movie.
Tom McGuinness
I was looking forward to seeing the heartless desk weasels get their comeuppance. The movie isn't complete.
Tom Nelson
It would be convenient if the audio and video were in synch
Vinayasari Debbie
Why does the helper Capten not to take immediately to land to nearest airporrt ? Report to ATC need permit to land to near airport Less the speed and altitude .Avoide from cloud CB
Willie von Busche
Very bad audio synchronization. Do a better job next time.
I so wanted to see the weekend pilot beat the hell out of the airline executive that tried to kill them, THAT would have been the perfect ending!
Made it to 18:10 and that was enough!
Sound out of sync, but really good movie. Thanks!
Good theory for Helios 522 isn't it? Anyone knew about that accident?
yes missile hit, army and the air traffic boss should be held responsible showing them going to jail for killing the passengers.
Oh yes, and all corporations and banks are your enemies. If you don't know that shame on you. Just wait, do nothing and you will reap the whirlwind.
hope king
I'm never flying again!!! Scary!!!
jimmy wrangles
Plane took 7 hours to depressurise and the black pilot totally got sucked down a flight of stairs and along a freaking corridor to die, longest depressurisation in history with a kamikaze black dude intent on falling to his oscar winning death. LMAO.
kenneth Chow
A plane in disaster, with the guys involved with the disaster and the folks involved with insurance of the plane all trying to kill the survivors on aboard, not saving them. OMG!!!
lifechange unexpectedly
This movie is excellent,...the story is brilliant,it's worth time watching,..anyone watching this would remember a malaysian airlines that was gone without a trace,,,,
lynda renaud
I wanted to see the consequences to the insurance woman's and the airline guy's actions. I don't know why they don't follow through!
michelle reed
Have not seen a really good airplane adventure movie in a while. Thanks for posting. Made for a great movie night! Even if some elements were not 100 percent plausible, like the amatuer flying the plane; however, the plot about how the accident occurred and how the plane could have just disappeared--gives one good reason to pause in light of what has been in the news recently about the disappearance of THAT Malaysian air flight! Sure makes one wonder--especially given how defensive several Country's military defense leaders were in the days following THAT disappearance. It now kind of gives me the chills! \n\nIt sure demonstrates my point that cabin pressurization in some way played a part in disabling the passengers , crew and pilots, which eventually destroyed THAT plane.\n\nWell, thanks for a great fictional movie, which reminded me of real life for a moment. Blessings, Michelle Reed
Did I hear correctly at 10:54, \
I hate it when the lip movement and voice aren't in sinc
And that is why .. You have to fasten your seat belt.
savanna king
great movie! on the edge of my seat whole time and smoke a Pak of cigarettes,lol...
steve shoemaker
I though this was a good movie all the way through no dead spots ! thanks You very much !
summer jung chhetri
I guess same thing happened to mh370 instead pilot later shoot it
tabitha wanjiru
I like the movie
terry brady
Who ? in the world made this movie, Get concept, horrible execution, casting sucks- Dean cane as the evil bad guy ? as Navy commanding midway I don't think so. Then, the unnecessary insurance angle. If the navy wanted to contain the situation, Land the plan on Midway Island, a complete USA military base, with a run way more then big enough. shameful casting and dialog and execution.
thang lawrsanga
What movies is this...
valery dangerville
Wayne Johnson & the insurance lady should be taken into prison for life
A built-in transponder on every commercial plane broadcasts its flightnumber and its vital flight characteristics in a continuous fashion for identification purposes, so it's impossible to mistake a civilian airliner with a military target.
Why didnt oxygen drop upon depressurisation? That would have prevented most from being affected by lack of oxygen until they got to a more sustainable altitude. That is precisely what they are designed for.
تتت نفحج
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