The Iceman Official Trailer #1 (2013) Michael Shannon, Ray Liotta Movie HD

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Subscribe to TRAILERS: The Iceman Official Trailer #2 (2013) Michael Shannon, Ray Liotta Movie HDThe true story of Richard Kuklinski, the notorious contract killer and family man.

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Just watched the whole story , Thank you .. You saved my money
Nightwish smile 😊🌸
Alex Scott
James Gandolfini would have been amazing as Kuklinski
Allen Discaya
Angel Simone
If I saw this man coming toward me I would be scared and shit in my pants because this guy is cold! Heroes are made, Monsters are born! Even Chris Evans was in this movie as well!
Anonymous Person
Lmao i had no idea till the title card that it was Chris Evans in those sunglasses
Anton Chigurh
Looks good but Shannon doesn't look anything like Kuklinski
Awesome G
the iceman docu brought me here 😂
Benny Tops
Bethany Rose
Genuinely shocked by the lack of Stranger Things jokes
Big sea
Did not appreciate the liberal comments he made to a lot of his fans including me have no use for this man actors need to leave politics out of it
C. Cho
Looks low budget. Wit A-list cast
Cleto La
Hollywood alwaysctakes liberties.. Why not yust say the story the way it be more interesting....a d that last scene when the guy beged for his life and GOD did t show up to save him...the iceman nearly didnt tell the story...and he felt bad about it..not the killing but the way he did it...the mind of a hit man serial killer.. thing good about him..he loved his family..and kept them safe.
ComedyWolf 360
My favorite part is the end when he says \
Cow Smacks
How am I just finding out about this in 2018
Michael shannon is the man . But I would've like to see james gandolfini play the ice man
Just watched this last night, and even though there are some details that didn't exactly line up with the \
Duke Togo
Michael Shannon was perfect.
Dylan Coleman
This movie is way off in facts. If your going to see this movie your better off watching the interview first. Is not Kuklinski's fault about the way he turned out its he's parents he was a Sociopath. But my god the man isn't a hero but I like him he takes no shit and you better not get in his way or would have killed you. And they left out the fact that he also has a son and that at the end of the movie he actual killed the two people he was meant. And listen to he's interview only one person knew where he lived and that was Mr.softy
I love Michael Shannon and I Lurrrvve Ray Liotta, but I thought the script was lacking. Hollywood needs to get their shit together. There's only so much the actors can do.
Eleanor Campbell
You see the iceman crying? Not very macho..
Erazm Roterdamski
Polska robota
Georgios Spartan
best movie ive seen till now in 2013, amazing story and acting.well done!
Giorgi Gudiashvili
I haven't seen the movie yet but I already get the feeling that Winona Ryder is miscast.
hint: this movie is not about Kimi Räikkönen
this movie was a 10
Greg Johnson
Too bad the real Iceman was known to be a massive liar end embellishor. Most mob guys didn't even know who he was. He was a mob wanna-be.
Gregorus Prime
Christ, show all the good parts, why don't you?
Harry Carrey
I saw this last night... Its just okay... It had some funny parts in it, but alot of the movie is killing and dialogue with absolutely no comedy at all .. I think if Jim Carrey or Will Ferrell was the lead actor it would have been so much better.
Ismail Galoufi
incredible story great movie!!
Jack Bishop
Great Movie i was rooting for the iceman through the whole movie
James Waldrop
That's Why the Bumpersticker Mean People Make Little Mean People exists. Whoever copyrighted that and its prereq Mean People Suck made $$$$$. Wonder what the most remunerative bumper sticker in history was/is.
Awesome movie. Downplayed a lot because there would be just to much to cover, still really good though. Oddly enough, i dont remember ever seeing previews or even that the movie was in theaters. I just realized its existence recently some how lol. Cast is perfect honestly. But i noticed, did they change his daughters names?
Jerry Stillwell
way to profit off someone in jail.. im sure they didnt give any money to the 100 families... see this is why you never say anything to anyone even non illegal stuff because some douch will steal it
Jett Outlaw
Damn good flick. I'm impressed with the way Micheal Shannon handled it.
JocksAREbrown 2017
The first mistake with this movie was the writers! The second mistake was casting Michael Shannon. Great Actor, he did not suit this role one bit. Too OTT in my opinion. Also all the over dramatic scenes the way they shot them and write them out. I'd never watch the movie again sad the filmmakers destroyed such a powerful \
Jonas IDK
Love this movie
Hes perfect for the iceman
Leandro Creature
I enjoyed this movie...Don't know if that's a good thing though.
M Voyager
Park Dietz interview with the iceman brought me here.
They glossed over the fact that he used to beat his wife and broke her nose several times. One of his daughters said he told her he'd kill them if he accidentally beat their mother to death. Stand up guy.
Marcelo Marcelo
Otimo filme.
Matt Peña
reboot of Max Payne please with the lead actor! thumbs up if you agree. He would be the perfect actor looks and all for a more true to the game mood movie
Mehmet Ata Arslan
Gandolfini should have played this role. And after watching and hearing the real Richard Kuklinski's story, I must say they made really poor job!
Michellemabelle Obamalamashoeshine
Ryder is SO overrated!
Moon Drake
i like how often he changed his dressing style in the movie it looks really good because it has that 70s aesthetic
Anybody to give link to watch on youtube pleas?
Naveen Kumar
Is it me or does James Franco show up in about 60 percent of the movies released in a year?
Nero Stepper
At the beginning : Ludovico Einaudi - Fly \u003c3
Book The Iceman was better.
Paul Phoenix
I've watched over a dozen of interviews with Kuklinski and this just seems a little off somehow.
Peter Sutherland
What's up new York
Professional Serial killer
Great movie 7/10 ☺
R. Harms
how come that james franco guy always plays creeps (and villains) in movies ? hmmmmmm i wonder why ......;)
RyanDomz Playniverse
General Zod is powerful\n99 homes (he screws up Spiderman) \nMidnight special (he teams with Mary jane)\nAnd now he tries to fight America??!?
S Kaegenthear
Hmmm....better watch this then watch Frozen!!
Scarlett Felix
Y is it called iceman no ice in it
he killed more than 100.. you know its bad when they got the facts wrong..
Soheila Ahm
One of the best movies ive ever seen.
Soulkey sbr
Featuring:\nCaptain America, General Zod and the Green Goblin
Spiky Falcon
The interview was more interesting than the film. The Film did not deliver at all. A Big let down!
Star Child
The last podcast on the left despises this film because of all the inaccuracies. Richard Kaklinski was a cold-hearted psychopath, not a family man
Star Lord
Why did this come straight to DVD and bluray ?
Ste Bradbury Design
I just finished watching a documentary on the Ice Killer, then found out there was a film made about him. Then I came across this trailer and just from this you can see how inaccurate this film is. I mean I know they wont be able to get it spot on with the real life events that took place, and how he was as a person, but there is so much about this that is just way too far off. I was looking forward to watching this but now, I think i'll pass, doesnt look like a great film to be honest :/
Stephen Dunn
Ha. When I heard there was an Iceman movie I thought to myself, wow that sounds pretty damn distasteful. After seeing this trailer though, I know that I'm completely right. However, as luck may have it I quite enjoy distasteful things so I'll most likely be watching this movie. Can't wait.
Sweet Karma
General Zod was always gonna kill Captain America... What was Steve Rogers thinking! 😂
The Dreded Gamer
semih abi \u003c3
The Power
I saw this at a dollar tree... sad
Toxic Link
I can’t believe they got Pablo Escobar
Triple Mexican 619
He talks just like Richard
Wale Akinsefunmi
Just watched the movie, and all I have to say is one word \
Weapons Of Warfare
bom89 ar
One of the worst films ever made . James franco as a hitman and joey from friends as a mobster lol says it all
carlos blanco
That man is such a misandrist
can someone explain to me why his son wasnt in the movie? im watching the movie and thinking he had a third child which im sure was a boy. the whole movie theres no boy. i look him up to double check and yes he also has a son.
Jesus I thought with all the interviews and case evidence and accounts from others they were sure to get this right. Nope horribly terribly inaccurate . Wtf
eric martinez
This movie is like heat in the sense that this movie makes you feel sorry for the bad guy
Read the book from Phillip Carlo- I think much is overstated, for example being eaten alive by rats and that Kuklinski was involved in Galante, DeMeo and some say I think in the Castellano ! murder too ! Especially the last.. read Sammy Bulls book too ! Dont know the film yet, but only \
winona was hot in this, i would have kucked him
Sid Haig would have made a good iceman
matthew grant
I swear it, Winona Ryder is a vampire, she never seems to age!!!
I just watched this again the other day and was shocked when a couple of times during the film i thought to myself, this might be better than black mass.
Kneel before Zod
mycali louis
I think it was a good film really krazy times
I loved this movie and the actor was outstanding..I hardly blinked
Not a bad movie, fairly accurate portrayal of Kuklinsky. There were some glaring inaccuracies though, at least if you believe what he says in the interviews.
michael shannon is a monster. one of the best actors working today.
I was really inspired by the trailer and was ready to watch the movie....... until I saw James Franco's fuckface.
General Zod plays Co-op with Captain America.\nThe boss is Tommy Vercetti.
Kind of cool how they added the scene where he let the guy pray to god for 30 minutes. In an interview, Kuklinski stated that it happened.
I am reading The Iceman now and this movie has taken some major artistic liberties regarding this man.  They are making him look like a loving family man which is way off.  He abused his wife frequently and in front of his kids.  She couldn't leave him because she knew he would kill her if she did.  He brutally disfigured his ex wife when he found her with another man.  He was in a relationship with his soon to be second wife at the time.  That's probably the only reason he spared her life.
user born in December
Since when Zod and Captain America joined Forces ????
Its a good film and is very kind to the man. He was a psychopathic mad man with no redeeming qualities He beat his wife and threatened his children. I don't know why film's such as this are allowed to be so inaccurate
Яна Волкова
мне очень понравилось это видео
بيره باي
It one of my best films ever