Dead Space "Mad World"

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an atmospheric trailer for the sci-fi horror game Dead Space. song: Mad World (i dont know how i got it with drums)Please rate and/or comment!! ;P

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Good video and well put together scene after scene, it was real smooth. But Can i ask you something, anyone really, How do you get songs approved now? I can't figure out how to do it, ive looked everywhere and even tgotten the steps, but could u guys give me CLearer steps? lolol
Akio Kuro
wow i think that u made a super fuckin great job on this!! ^_^ its soo cool that how everything fits. its like this song was made for this song!!! 5/5!!!!!!
BJ Chaos
Lawl this was added on my birthday.
omg another video game music video with mad world. how original
Nice job man :)
Broad Casts
Sad, but i guess this is how some feel inside. Love the vid btw.
You nailed the dead space horror theme and song perfectly
THIS IS ............. AWSOME !!!!!!!
This song makes me sad xD :S
Col. Samuel Hawk
i guess maybe
this vid should have much more views!
this is the second version of Mad World of Donnie Darko Soundtrack\n\nBoth by same guy just ones remixed (this one)
Daniel Iversen
thx man!
Drum Eagle
fuck, now I have to play this game again!! xD
I want to work on the Ishimura :(\n\n
Franck Scorpion
I love that song... ( the same in Gears of War 1 trailer )
George Pontillo
AWESOME. All that needs to be said.
Mad Space :D
Million times better than the machinima version
if i was him i would shoot my self but i would puss out and probaly get killed
Jeihan Lee
ending was perfect
John Williams
lol i play dead space 2 with this song on
Jon Doe
This is just... I would cry if it wouldn´t be so fascinating at the same time as it is sad and horrorfying
Josh O
this game could have been way more revolutionary than it was. the accompanying book made it seem like it was the greatest ever which i guess all game makers think of their stuff but to me it seemed like business as usual. I still liked it tho-just constructive criticism
like the other guy, i wanna play this now also, but about a week or 2 ago i went looking for it, and its gone!!!! i dont know wtf happnd to it :'( i have 2 friends with xboxs, 1 doesnt like shooter games the other was borrowin fear 2!! its gone!!!!
Kara Braydon
very well done!
fuck, that was good, yet really creepy, especially the ending.
KiiNg ZmOkOnE
is einfach nur über geil das spiel is der hamma das video is der hamma und das lied is auch der hamma passt voll zu den spiel einfach nur top
Kris Andreasian
better than gears dead space rules star wars also
Leonov Martinovich
@KosakKovich is pulse rifle dude
Lewis Ballentine
hmm this is really well made 5/5 =)
deadass memorys
Dead space got to be one of the best games I can't wait till the second one comes out
M Stojakovich
Lets admit it, the Dead Space universe is probably one of the coolest. The architecture of the ships, the design of the RIGs, some weapons look extremely bad ass, except for the plasma rifle which is a fucking tube with other tubes on it. I wish they put a little bit more creativity in that one.
This song is WAY better with the drums, the original kinda sucks without them :(
Ma1n K4Liber
Speaking from 2017: still not that much views, wtf ?
Mr Scratch
I build Market in my garden
This was actually good!
every horror sci fi game is never complete without a badass character , like isaac clarke
this is beutiful and sad
OneLove Paradise
without the text would be perfect
Peter Ely
great dude u nailed it\r\n
Philip Chambers
I love this song, who's it by? Awesome vid by the way, im putting on my Zune!
I usually hate this sort of videos but this one is very good. I like it.
Sam Vukovich
I agree it is a good video and game and id give it 5/5
What USG Standfore
Stekly Zoltán
41.900 :)
Stephen Moreno
Man I want this game sooo bad! I can't believe i got sold out in my gamestop and other game stores
Stergios Steven Argyrakos
I've beaten Dead Space 2 three times now and my fear of it has kinda disappeared. I don't view it as scary any more. The first Dead Space on the other shitloads scarier than Dead Space 2 and I STILL haven't beaten it. I find it too scary. I'm trying, though.
Everytime I play this game I think of this song lol
If dead space isn't a mad world, what is? Dead space is a mad, sick, gore, gruesome, outerspace world, and that's why I like it. \r\nBut it's totally wrong music. Put in Cannibal corpse and \
No. Visceral Studios produced the game. Visceral Studios is one of EA's studios based in California. This is an American game.
Tearhex Duke
Epicness!\r\nwonderful!\r\n\r\nyou get that alot don't you?
Isaac worked other cec engineer volinteer jobs aroud ships and stations he only volinteered for this job to see nicole worried because of the message and to see her after so long
Tsumi Megami
that game is soooo damn boring on the wii
Gears of War really picked their songs well i think, this and DeVotcka for GoW2 were amazing selections for such a sad theme. But this as well is a great game and 4 star worthy!
thanks to the music it made dead space sound a lot more sadder than creepy
_SMokiN`_AcES_ ♠ Armored Warfare
Bad idea. It`s decomissioning next year :(
@searay345 its not this dead space its a different one it just has the same name as the first believe it or not its some chick as the main char and i think your in the sprawl but im not sure
great timing on the music :D!! 5/5
this is awesome!\r\nit's with the clubb remix
dude...fucking badass
I thought dead space came out in christmas
Fantastic trailer.
and when you just thinked that this game couldn´t get much creepier... it just did.
I really like this song. It really fits games like these. Nice vid bro. I really liked it.
@tyman6708 exactly what i wanted to say
this version is so hard to find, with the snare drum.
ricardo hes
am 14 years old play it only ey want was the treu about Nicole find it dinent like it wish ey got forget it there was a time ey was scarey from those aliens but the ending is so not great but things chance
This montage is perfect. You did it very well. You can be proud of you!!
Both Dead Space are scary...the first one because you didn't know what to expect in claustrophobic corridors of ishimura...the second one because it grab all the good things from DS1 an twist it into more terryfing whole... If you one play DS2 with me just sing my nickname in PsNetwork :)
This goes better with gears of war series
Один говорит другой ему верит
Mad World!!!!!!!