The Dark Knight - Hans Zimmer /J. Newton Howard - LIVE

Producer/Conductor/Piano: Ciprian CostinOrchestra: Bucharest Symphony Orchestra

Batman Hans Zimmer (Composer) Hans Zimmer (Record Producer) James Newton Howard (Musical Group) Soundtrack The Dark Knight (Film) The Dark Knight (Soun...

The music is amazing but I hear more yelling than singing.
AFGP Gaming
This music give me an idea
Ali Ahmed
If music was a religion. Then Hans Zimmer and AR Rahman would be Gods.
Ali Baba
Oh people of the world's rise up against inhumanity it is time for you to speak up ! 🌬️
Altangerel Bayrnemeh
Mongol women. she is great indeed
Alyssa Gordon
Hans Zimmer is the modern Mozart!
Andrew Hong
Nolan + Zimmer = Legendary Masterpiece
Architecture Lovers
that mongolian voice damnnnn
BFA 94
What a
Barış Baran Tambahçeci
i dont know why i cry... just cry
Batman Fanatic
For 10 minutes I felt like I was unstoppable and could do anything! Only Hans zimmer music can do that!
Epic \u003c3
Bipradip Mandal
Everybody just stand the f up
Bruce Lin
A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders to let him know that the world hadn't ended
Masterpiece, Uyanga Bold provided true spirit to the themed orchestra 1love
D A R R E L Tan
Bruce Wayne: People are dying, Alfred. What would you have me do?\n\nAlfred Pennyworth: Endure, Master Wayne. Take it. They'll hate you for it, but that's the point of Batman, he can be the outcast. He can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice.
David Punshon-Smith
Attended the Hans Zimmer 2017 Tour in Baltimore Merriweather Post Pavilion last night.........totally , absolutely mind blowing!!!! This guy is a genius but unbelievably humble and self deprecating.
Demme Frazier
Many have died so that you can live...
Dj Tecmo
This is the reason these are real musicians, not the actual --\u003e\
Doctor Casa
Que espectacular pieza, de música. Habla de dolor, de heridas y de abandonó, de aguardar en el silencio, el sonido apabullante de la esperanza, del resurgir de la justicia para aquellos, que claman en las calles del caos por piedad y misericordia.\nSimplemente hermoso.
Epaminondas Jack
Forget about justice league, batman vs superman ... \nNolan's batman trilogy will always be the REAL DEAL ... forever and ever in our memories and heart ... PERIOD !!!
Erik Ahl
Damn I’m going through ALL sorts of emotions right now! 🤯
Euan Currie
This isn't just a film soundtrack.. this is so much more.. this is a 100%, sure fire modern day classic.. Hans zimmer is a creator of masterpieces..
Fahim XD
I've got chill's
Gabriel Barros
Gabriel Bergh
5:27 - 6:45
Gabriello Black
i just can t stop listening to that voice..its unleashing everytime something inside me. It makes me fragile and at the same time feeling unstopable. It s more than that somehow..
General R. E. Lee
Maybe I'm blind, but I fail to see what use Guitar Boy is and or what parts he played that benefit the music, he should be stuck back in the corner in my opinion and not steal the stage from the actual performance
I really wasn't expecting the pep talk in the middle of this, but now I finally have the motivation to go mow my lawn. Thank you, Dark Knight!
Gustavo Sosa Remax GH
Happy #Batmanday everyone
Wait a min.... They write *oooooowaaaaaaaaa* on paper?\n\n\n\n\nJk i know 👊😪
High QI Playlist
Need 4K Quality Urgent haha
Indra Darni
This track is already sound so dark, the voice of that lady adds to the darkness of this whole sound track.. no words to describe.. amazing piece!
Ivan Demendoza
what is on that singers paper lmao AHHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHHHH
When I hear this I don't just think of Batman. I think of human suffering. Of thousands of generations fighting on the battlefield. Of all the sadness, happiness, anger, depression, that makes us human. I think of the adversity that we as a species endure to create, to discover, to grow. The trials and tribulations all of us endure in the face of challenge. I think of conquering.
Jacob Anthonie
5:33 The world in it´s pain calling for it´s Saviour Jesus Christ
Jay Panjari
When avengers doesn't even exist, there's only one man.\nThe Dark Night!
Jidhesh Ck
How could someone dislike this.marvel fans i guess
Jordan Lacayo
That guitarist was bloody brilliant I’ve never seen someone that skilled on stage.
Karen Catizone
The Dark Knight Trilogy had it all. Perfect casting. And incredible story. Amazing music. We didn't know then how good we had it. We just didn't know.
When Uyanga sang, i felt all the pain carried by the dark knight kicked in brutally. Emotionally brilliant.
Kishin Asura
She is not the singer we need, but the one we deserve.
For those who're saying this lady wasn't needed for this are totally wrong and you probably aren't appreciating the emotion & sound it's suppose to be delivering. I honestly think she made this piece more moving than it already is.
Kurt D.
The fact that there are people who gave this a thumbs down is proof that some people just want to watch the world burn.
whos the sexy bich on the violin/ chello thingo?
11 million views🎆
Mariajose Rivas martin
Maricela Lopez
Cannot get enough of this performance! This is my 10th time watching it!!
wow....i had goosebumps\nthe\nthe\nhans zimmer...a genius
Metin MB
5.99-6.24 Legend....
Michael Woods
In every era, music is written in support of or in spite of the medium or inspiration...or simply the economic enabler of the composition. Mozart and Beethoven wrote for royalty. What a waste, you might say, that some simple minded king or prince would have the jewels of a generation thrown at their feet. But we have all profited from the music which lives on. Today movies and TV are creating the space for composers to make things happen. It is often dictated to or heavily influenced by the requirements of the scene, but composers, producers and musicians are creating amazing things that will last beyond this age. I agree that the words overlayed onto the music were somewhat pointless...I also was laughing because as the panned across the musicians you could see they were in various states of communication...possibly about the music or possibly about something totally unrelated....kind of like watching the sausage being made. But I think the addition of lights and fog and other effects during orchestra concerts is probably also an understandable attempt at theater. The real combined idiom is the movie itself. We are rich these days. We have so much to choose from. I really enjoyed watching the solo cellist and the singer...they are super stars!
Morrie Mukoda
I grew some chest hair by 2:00...
Muhammad Ridho Hidayat
I use this while in the gym
Napalm Man
Man...i wish Christopher Nolan will make another batman movie
I would like to meet a concert like this one. Where should I go?
Nicole Corrigeux
i left my baby cat in my room with this song, he is now The Black panther
Nikhil Aj
This makes me cry everytime I hear it . Such a brilliant masterpiece which brings out the emotions of the movie and in itself is so moving .
PS Roxas
the singer is so fantastic, make me cry
Pratik Singh
Who else has tears in eyes ?
Ram Krrish
10 years of The Dark Knight... Hearing this ost again... goosebumps again...
Batman is somewhere there listening in the shadows to the music.
Raul Balcazar
She is Amazing! I meditate to this Symphony Daily. It Motivates me Strongly and it Gives me the Courage to do the Righteous Thing in Life. Amen!
my god this voice ruins the song, it looks like a goat!
Ryan Priestnall
Her voice adds so much emotion, I can't believe people think she wasn't needed. She was amazing!
Sardar Asad
Marvel can never make a Trilogy like Batman!
Scato Jjj
, excelente sin palabras
Shlomo Yosef Shekelbergzuckerowiczgoldmannsteinberg
*because it's not the music we deserve*\n*because it's the music we need*\n\n\n\n*because he can*
Simon Sekirnik
Very nice , great success.
Spec. Revenant
I need to see this live
Sumit Rawal
i made my cat listen to this....and left the is a lion in there.....
Swapnil Jain
That lady has amazing vocal control. Who's she?
Anyone else get goosebumps whilst listening to this and then think about the bomb scene in batman?
The Real Fegelein
sounds like it could be a song background in the National Geographic channel
Is that Tina Guo in the Cello?
Tien Dang
What does it even say on the singers script- \
Tim Tommerson 1969
Hans Zimmer , german Wunderkind.
Ulmaa Otgon
Integration of contemprary music with Mongolian steppe vocal. How magnificient. I am proud of my culture as Mongolian.
Vedia Can
I can't believe I missed this man's concert due to my stupidity.
I'll never forget the dark knight movies, possibly three of the greatest batch of superhero movies ever made, im sorry the avengers, Thor captain America Justice league wonder woman do not even come close
Tina Guo Rocks!
Unnecessary lady mourning...
At first I didn't really like the woman's vocal I thought its ruining it, but after many times listening to this I truly started loving it, this a masterpiece.
sounds like the singer of Ghost in the Shell
efrain garcia
Who put those onions there.. 😢❤️
hard, pop variété
The Best émotion émotion !!!
helen morcom
how sacred is her voice, and the cello... amazing hans zimmer
kailash verma
This music can make you do anything..
ll Shadez ll
I like to rap myself and I understand the true meaning of rhythm and flow and I must admit the way the singer is able to stay in flow with this type of flow of music is amazing , this is true music and I wish people would respect it more. Music was made to open our souls and express our emotion through body and sound. Explains why rap is destroying my peoples community because the emotion being made is hate, anger and division. This women is extremely expressive in her movements and passion in her voice you can clearly see the true art of music (let's not forget about everybody else helping make the great music) compared to other \
marcos silva
Hans Zimmer!\nUm monstro !\nEm trilhas, imaginem em BATMAN!\nSIMPLESMENTE MARAVILHOSO!!!
Holy crap, makes me want to suit up and fight crime right now.
peter p
The end is Epic 💪
power 2000
if you want similar goosebumps watch\nGRAVITY in Concert - World Premiere - at Hollywood in Vienna
unbelievably beautiful !!!! Zimmer is incredible. Brought tears. Grateful to be alive to listen to his music.
I love the woman's voice. It adds drama to the already beautiful music.
tariq md
Amazing outstanding magic of music
tenten media
When I was 5yrs old I wanted to become Batman...I grew up, got a regular job, paid the I'm much older and apart of me still wants to be Batman, especially after listening to all of Hans Zimmers tracks
ubonrat keller
What^s a great voice from her.I love it.