Batman Live - Part 1

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Batman Live - World Arena Tour 2011. A spectacular production and performance. Bravo!

Live Batman

the biggest most pathetic thing i have seen ever... what a crock of shit
Aj Casey
Poor dick not even robin but being robin the boy hostage
Andrew Morales
this looks like a bigger version of the those shows six flags used to put on in the 90's....not sure if that's good thing?
Just say it yesterday, really cheesy though
You make it look worse than it really is you bastered
i just wondering which seat is best for viewing...all those $20-$30 all way too far...dont even think can see anything from that far away and higher up....
Although this is a touch too campy and Joel Shumacher-ish for my tastes, I will say that the design and tech work--particularly costume and make-up--is INCREDIBLE.\n\nThe actors seem to be having a blast too, which is great.
Brooks McCormick
this is a show for the family, mainly kids, so i would expect it to be a little cartoony like batman and robin.
By Any Means
Umm... why does the Joker look like Beetlejuice?
Cecily Clayton
A spectacle, no doubt... and a fab effort from all the actors. But INCREDIBLY pretentious!
Christian Webb
I wish they made this show on blu ray so they experience it at ghome
it was so amazing, thank you for keeping my memories of this show captured
What's wrong with the Joker ?
Dan G
the dude doing Joker does a pretty decent voice job
Dead of Night Gamer
Doesn't look like the full part 1, looks cut up.
Derpy Hooves
I'd say in the middle of the higher and lower seats for best viewing. But i don't get suggest to get seats on the sides because the screen and the actors are mostly facing the front.
My name is Johnny Knoxville and Welcome to Jackass.
I believe it was because it would have been difficult to put the plaint on and and off, remember that the character has to shift from Bruce and Batman.\n\nBut that's just my take, I agree it looks \
Dylan Brouwer
it sucks that they keep flying and stuff..
Going Saturday! Can't wait!
Gabe Doggo
I was there for this and it was awesome!
Harley Quinn
I saw it live back in november it was awesome! ^^ but i didn't like harleys outfit ;S
joker and harley kiss at 4:49 \u003c3 XD
ICaNtThINkofACooName 30
It’s just a bunch of terrible actors spinning around on wires.
Good quality but you are a terrible camera man, the zooming in on Batman and Joker when other stuff is going on? Awful.
Invader Tool
What. The. Hell?
Jayson Lawson
yes and with Jay Lenos chin
Jessica the pink unicorn slime girl
thats a lie he is not 15..\n
Jose Cuellar
feels like the Batman TAS universe...somehow
Juan Carlos Leon
Joker looks like Beetlejuice! XD
Juan Recinos
Great show!!!!!!!! Totally worth it hopefully they do it again. Watched it in St Louis Missouri
Kaempfer M
Where was this performance?
Khalid Rafi
Uhhhhhhh Two-Face? D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G
Lighting like the Tim Burton movies.
I loved The Iceberg Lounge act.
Loki Laufeyson
I would so laugh if he had came out of that jack in the box and the whole thing tipped over XD
Magick user69
press 3 to see a epic batman.\npress 7 to see joker turn into a dinoser
Manuel Tascon
La fui a ver al Luna Park en Argentina, la verdad mala, regular, no me gusto
Matt P
don't you mean home not ghome
-_- Harley Quinn looks like freakin Pippy Longstoking or whatever -_- Hate the voices kinda
Mod Mysterio's what joker should have said when he came out of the box... WEEEEEeeeeeeeee...HMMmm that worked alot better in rehearsals ! HA!\n
i'd be willing to be that it works-- because at the audience's distance, those eyeholes would just appear white. digital zoom sort of ruins the theatrical paradigm.
Nicco Lund
joker would scare the SHIT outta me!
I haven't seen either Turn out the Dark or Batman Live, but having watched some of the stunts in the Spider Man theatrical show, the wirework looks kind of underwhelming. I get the impression that this is extremely family friendly, so maybe it isn't even a concern to the production.
I really appreciate their Harley Quinn. Very much like the Paul Dini animated series original Harley -- as she should be.
This looks awful..
Park Visualisations
batman's a brit now?
Pat Lynch
Really wish this show would come to NY
Shit man, I went to the Xcel Energy center with my dad and had my lego batman hat on, got a joker keychain batman live t-shirt back in 12.. great year i wish it went on longer, but i guess it got a bad name..
Randy Kerr
Thanks for sharing. May be making the drive to vegas for this!!!!!!
I totally went to see this, I hope they do this again :D
But Beetlejuice was Batman...
I remember going to see this. And I remember more and more as I watch this. I want to go and see this again, the Joker Head was ESPECIALLY clever with... Well, I guess we didn't see what with you focused on Batsy XP\nNow I wonder if I can find this show in full and not just in segments XD
...and Rod Stewart, as the Joker.
Scott Garrison
It was a great show I was there row 104 section J seat 15 at Intrust Bank arena
I saw one of the first performances, I wish it was still on, I've forgotten everything
You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become vaudevillian.
So it's Holy Musical [email protected] without he comedy or music?
They dont even put black eye makeup on Batman? What the fuck.
Batman - He flies \n\nNOW 10% MORE BAT
Tohtori Kuka
Joker sound´s like Doc Brown from BTTF :D
Eh.....I feel like I shouldn't judge without seeing it but.... I'm not impressed....
Batman and Catwoman can't fly.. yet.. they fly here... very wrong.
Vincent Van Gore
Are you aware of Batman Arkham Asylum or Batman The Animated Series? That Joker voice is widely held as 'standard' and sounds quite british-esq sometimes. I think that might be what he was going for.
William Strasser
Had no idea Jay Leno did the Joker.
Just segments in sequential order.
why did 6:30 why did the joker kidnap Captain N and put him in a giant hamster ball?
crimson hood
this is actually pretty good
Thank god I missed this. Looks terrible
When Gotham City is nothing but colorful costumes and horrible musical numbers, then you have my permission to die.\n
First Spider-Man, now Batman, what is it with you idiots and putting superhero on Broadway?
holly tree
I remember August 2st 2016 l can see suicide squad
as a fan I have to say TWO-FACE'S portrayal at 2:18 is DISGUSTING! UUUUUHHH as I spin on my perfect dancer heels and point guns to my head signifing that I am crazy and there is no further depth to my character!!!
Why does the Joker look like Sonic the Hedgehog.
jonathan jimenez
No it's mister j
i am getting piss drunk and going to this when it reaches my town\n
I agree. Either use eye makeup or lenses on the cowl.
This looks far better than the nolan movies.
is it just me or does the joker look like Bea Arthur?\n
natalie brookes
my god i went to see this wen i was like 5
That Joker reminds me of Bettlejuice.
wenn irgendjemand mit dem gedanken spielt sich dieses \
Hahaha, i was thinking the exact same thing L0L :D
that's retarded
sj conker
The costumes in this are surprisingly really cool looking.
this is spelled correctly
is this a musical?