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Abdullah Obeidat
Chill nation's California dreaming had the same 3 minute start vid
Is Trap Nation? Is NOCopyrightMusic? NO! IS SHINEMUSIC!!! \u003c333
Ahmed Ibrahim
Most wonderful mix song
Aji Arisandi
I think i wanna go to the beach
Aleksandr Solovoniuk
Супер. Спасибо.
Altrim Mamuti
I was listening to this amazing mix- and for a sudden I heard Albanian on the beat! Damn damn 🤘🏻🇦🇱 \n#albanian
Alvin Macanda
Love this summer mix music 😚😚😚😚😚👆👆👆👍👍👍👍👍
Anak Proyek
Anuj Sharma
Can someone help me with the name of songs in this video and their link for download?? Thanks!
what song is it 15:25 ??
Austin Bourque
Thumbnail please?
Bartek Bartekk
first song ?
Blessed Queen!
23:41 song name please
Bristena Chelaru
The second song gave me CHILLLLSSSS!!!!! WOOOOOOW!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Bruno Veron
who else was scrolling down to see people naming all the songs? \n\n\n\nwell maybe its just me then
Bryce Gallaher
Love the mix keep up the good work
what is the first song name?
Captain John
name the song in 17:00 pleaseee!!
Damir Neli
Klasse Sound👍💕
Deep Georgia
where is this place? :O
Delia Helia
Love this Music 💗💗💗
Despoina G. ʚïɞ
Beautiful Greece
Dominika Ptáčníková
This video make me sad, because I don't have sea or ocean 🙁
What first song?
TUTZ TUTZ TUTZ da melhor qualidade, bom pra escutar no trampo,.
Edenilson Latin 'Oficial'
alguem me diz o nome da primeira música???
Ethan Santos
whats the first song ?
Feeling Deep
Summer Love Mix 2018 🌴- Kygo, Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa, Avicii Style - Chill Out Mix By Feeling Deep\nDon't forget to Like & Share the mix if you enjoy it!
Feinate's Channel
Shazam time :D
Frances Pieters
Gellie Bajande - Borigas
Is there anyone know the tracklist? Please.
Harry Potter
If you like Tropical Haus and deep music check out the Spotify playlist High & Chill🍁
Hóng Biến Đường Phố
+ smoke weêd so relax haizz
Imad Eddine
3:15🎶🎶 -----\u003e 😍😍💓💓
Its Kuba
First song?
Jack Lynch
at 0:44 is just perfect
Jamin Farrugia
name for 51.30mins please :)
Javier García mateo
could you guys tell me the name of song to the minute 7:00
Jerome Capundag
00:00 please
Jhonatan Giraldo
I would like to know the name of the places jajaj
Jimmy Espana
Joao Castro
Somes of this musics ain't from kygo. they're from DEAMN
Joel jared El Papu
Deberían de tener playa listo en spotyfi seria genial
Jose Rodriguez
This is Awesome..Crank it Loud.
Just Zazzy
Kartel Entertainment
what's the name of the song that starts at 9:55 ?
Omg i Love it😭💖💖
Klaus Alfred
18:20 song name pls
Which islands are the videos from
Lek zaza
6.00 what is name music? Please.
Leonard Orzan
super tare
Loner Aloner
Lukas Rozenas
Can anyone tell me the music order? Like the list of songs thanks
Lukáš Biel
Where is the tracklist? How can you not post a tracklist alongside a mix? :-/
Mar Y Sol
What's the song at 7:00 ???
Margaret konwaluk
5:57 ?😊😊😊
Maria Virginia Perez
The second songs please!!!!
Mayur Sejpal
One of the best remix I get here... Lovely
Mehdi Yassine
30 mmin name song please ?
Milan Černay
Super !!! Music !!! Slovakia !!! 😎 👍 💓 Wau !!! 💣 💥
Mr. Coast
53:00 song name ?
Nate luvs to eat and play tennis
Early morning leaving for the beach stop by dunkin donuts or Starbucks for coffee and put this on as loud as possible!!! And maybe get a sausage biscuit and hash Browns.. 😩😨😎👍🏻
Nyeko Brian
I had this before I lost my phone but took me more than 6hrs before I could relocate it from YouTube to download \nNow gotta upload it to my Dropbox just incase\nAll the songs on this one are dope 👍👍👍👍👍
Pablo Pazmiño
Someone has the remix that startes with Heaven - Bryan Adams remix
Pau Thang
That music make me happy to go to beach
Paulo Henrique
Pooja Miss
Nice mix
Pooja Shandilya
can some one help me with the song name that starts from 03.28
worst ads
Now i wonna go on holiday
00:01 Music?
Raymond Diep
Instead of looking for drone videos look for music mixes. They have the best drone videos and edits!
S Pariat
Song name please 3:15 plzzzz tell me
Need some beach!
Shine Music
*Enjoy new mix:*
The song at 15:00 ?
Thanh Tan Van
48:00 ? what is songs name?
Thành Đỗ
49:33, need some helps
Vishal Mehta
What a wonderful places, where it is located ? Any help
Zikhona ziggy Mataka
15:50 \u003c3
_jyern hyu
16:18 name please 😀😀😀😀😀
hassan idbak
name the song in 01:00 pleaseee!!
hero J
Summer is gone in china :(
hugo kenzo
Who listen on 2018 .2019 🙌🙌🙌😎😎
whats this french songs name which starts from 3.10?
loc nguyen dinh
name the song in 20:00 pleaseee!!
palm tree gang plzzz
loubna loubna
I like this mix😍😍it is wonderful😍😍it makes me happy😊😊😊
mszabi 0725
All these exotic places and i can visit none... YET! 2k19 summer here i come
toñi lpz
Ân Vũ
it's so cool
Оля Борщенко
Very very cool , thank you 💋
scrolling down the comments to find song name lmao