Batman Live Show - Movie World Gold Coast

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This Batman Live Show at Movie World at the Gold Coast shows once a day at 1pm. Featuring the caped crusader as he battles a horde of bad guys from the League of Shadows who have joined forces with the Scarecrow. The Batmobile also makes an appearance. So sit back as we bring you all the thrills and excitement of the Batman Live Show straight from the Movie World Gold Coast!

batman movie world gold coast

batman is great!!!
Adrian Nixon
Better editing of that fight scene than in the actual film!
Artyom Shabazyan
Asia Gul
Bat Man
All those complaining about batsuit,can't you see it has been modified for more flexibility?Though the leg pieces could be better.
Bigfoot doesn't believe in you either
That's a pretty crappy suit
Black Lock
good effort
Bradders Brown
Bruce Wayne
This show make me stop watching Batman movies.
His batman suit is so rubbish!
Carlos Gonzalez
The fighting in this is better than the actual movie lol
Christian Richardson
Batman Begins Show
Claudio Romano
The Nemmeno, KjhghjhgtyhfxzaaaATfd\nA\nThe a cinderella orwell e il tuo
DMan Yoda
Thanks some young guy
Went there, seen it done it sweg!
Darntay Nukz
Ha awesome I’ve been here
Darren 519
Would have looked better at night
David Worley
Still better fighting than bale
Demetrius Hunt
Did he just do a superhero landing out if the car......yep love you bat
even that car cant stop batman lol
Dustin Caldwell
that guy was having so much fun being batman
Emmanuel Rodriguez
This is why Batman is always the best hero
Esteban Orizaba
We love you Batman more than we do Marvel studios
Fox Dye
Super hero landing 0:58 😂
GamerDares Wins
Even this guy had a better fighting style than Bale.
I saw this when I was young..
Goten Black ssj rose
Im batman
Henning THU
His suit was \
HerobrineCrew HD
i love the car! but the suit COME ON!
Not bad production value....considering
Scarecrow was dope
Immortal 16
I don't care how lame the fighting sequence is itself, I think that is so awesome to have a tumbler come out like that, and a batsuit just randomly showing throughout the day at movie world. Utter bliss for me when I was there seeing stuff like that. WB (Y)
Just like in the movie... Still waiting for Batman to appear... And the Scarecrow? Where was he? I just saw a man with a bag on his head!
Jenny Hernandez
Itis coud have benbbetter with Robin.
Jermaine of Wakanda
The fights are amazing, actually.
Josh Sauer
That was pretty cool, but I wish they had chosen a different version of Scarecrow. One with a much better costume, and had more combat with Batman. A scythe fight with Bats would have been cool to see.
Kamin S
batman in e live show bad ass
Kobe Rosenberg
Correct me if I'm wrong but was this located at six flags?
Krystal Harwood
Where's Henri Ducard in this? The yummiest villain of them all?
Kwezi Bwoga
I do not get this it is soooooo laaameee👎
Lord Swoledemort
1:17 best part.
Max Wolverine
Pity that there weren't Ra's al Ghul nor Bane.\n_We will destroy Gotham and then, when it is done and Gotham is ashes, then you have my permission to die._\nThe League of Shadows henchmen look like Sub Zero black copycats. 😉🤣🤣\n🦇
Melissa Gines
I like the music in the background&when bat man arrived in his batmobil , I can tell it's from the dark night, 1 of my favorite movies!. *.* O_o .And cool sound effects when there fighting
Misalito Martínez
Scarecrow I found you *dramactic batman voice*
Morin Macias
Batman you're the best
Mr. Shadyz
ben affleck batman still beats the christian bale batman's costume.. but still good in old days
Nigeena Amiree
Noor Hashmi
I have seen Batman in movie world and I had a batman costume. It was the dark night rises costume. Batman gave me a magnum
Paul Perez
i want that batman costume
Peter Gunnysack
That \
Pura Nostalgia
Wow, very good, Batman is the best superhero.\nOther, I like more this uniform that the thise look in Batman Darknight.
Raul Castañeira
Reecco Holmes
Its a paycheck
What a crappy looking Batman. Could you please make him a little more rubbier next time. ( good lord )
Roger Lopez
so kool i like that reenactment
Saadia Biuchareb
Sachin Gopakumar
There's more complexity in this fight than in the Batman v Bane fight under the armory.
Saiman Says
This is why they need to build more WB Movie Worlds and less Disneylands.
Samuel Cummins
I love the car it looks like a Bugatti but Batman comeon
Steven Holt
Holy cow, batman, he's piled on the pounds.
Stuart Harrington
Original batmobile $3,000,000? bat suit $3
it would have been way cool to have batman do his grappling hook exit with skyhook. LOL
i was there it was cool
The Grim Adventures of Gav N Ash
That was awesome
The Little Pasty
I'm the 1000th like. Do I get a tshirt?
Would be a lot better if they didn't use the same punch sound over and over
Tony Rivers II
I'm a Batman's BIGGEST FAN
Trevor Bartschi
I love batman!!
True zumy
laugh. Good the movies.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Nolan’s trilogy but this has way better fighting then they ever did.
Xhemile Selita
oh god i loved those live shows. its too bad they dropped it in our local amusement park and sold out
Christ people, it's a show for kids! This isn't the trailer to the next batman film! Calm down
alan mailey
Hahah its got like the budget of the flash
becky roberts
2:16 LOL
do bi
so this is what daddy and his buddies do
facundo hernandez
0 budget
full movies
So fake
3:15 BATMAN!! Someone's stealing your car😂😂😂!!!.......oh wait, its your new driver?😂😂😂
jhon doe
this is a show for kids guys, sheesh some of you 40 year olds need to grow up
Ben Affleck Batman would have been beat they ass! lol
none ya business
This is some crap acting
rosa euroform
what the hell awesome start but suit was awful!!
serenity Molina
Hi guys
still better than batman & robin
Álvaro Benarroch Rivero
So cheesy... hahaha
امير الموسوي
والله عسبالي قنات عود ليش 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
تركي المطيري
فطوم حكمي
محمد احمد
ثىتةفب\n\n\n\n\n😘☺😍😋😍😎😙😇 🤗😆😘🤗☺😇😍😗😗😎😉