Cat Reacts To Oh Long Johnson Video

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This is a video of Chad the cat reacting to the oh long Johnson cat video. I wanted to see what an actual cat did when you watched the old long Johnson cat video. It turns out that this particular cat doesn't really care at all whether or not another cat can say oh long Johnson. He pretty much just wanted to go back to sleep. I hope you like this funny cat reaction video.

Oh long Johnson cat reaction video funny cat oh long Johnson oh long Johnson cat

The Black cat is afraid of something :( thats not funny
Asa Gillespie
he looks like IT (2017 Version)
Daniel Loughery
That cat has a Chewbacca vibe to him
Eduardo Ventura
Vim parar aqui devido ao vídeo do gato preto. Intrigante...
Elizabeth Elliott
Bless the cat. I think he was feeling some concern for the Oh Long Johnson cat, but he is elderly and doesn't quite know how to respond. He has beautiful eyes:)
Fid did
Frogtastic Son
OMG your cat is so cute! Do more of these vids including your cat😀😀😀😀😀😀
Justin Lowney
I love how the cat just sits there like wtf. Really.
your cat looks like a human wtf. what brand is this
Rusty Spires
YeSir.2.u.and. your cat...
what about don piano
How fascinating. The cat did absolutely nothing......
fnaf doge purge leader
0:34 \nDid anyone notice south park stan? XD