Deftones "Live" (Root) @ the Cactus Club, San Jose CA -1996 on Project Placebo

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NO ONE HAS a version of this ANYWHERE! This is from the MASTER "original" TAPES! "Root" was captured on video during a live performance at the Cactus Club in San Jose California in 1996. The Deftones had just released their first CD "Adrenaline". (TECH INFO): This was a 3 camera shoot at the Cactus Club with sound from the board, shot by (now) Project Placebo Producer Greg R under-NO-contract from Maverick Records or the Deftones...this was produced as a "house show" - this is JUST a personal recording captured before anyone from the label or management cared about controlling the bands sound, likeness or image. Over the last 10 years, this video has become an underground cult classic to Deftones fans around the world, much to my dismay. Enjoy, Placebo.

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