James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover (Lyrics)

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Blunt Goodbye James Lover My lyrics music

ALMIGHTY Bandss900
I miss my ex so much... it hurts to know she doesn’t believe I can be the man she needs but deep down I still believe I can be that man . She just has to let me
Akhim Shyam
November anyone? If there 🖒
Alaa Saad
one of the best songs ever!❤
Alex Cooper
European Union, this is to you. Love from UK.
Alexander the OOF
1:22 thank me later.
Ally Swain
Artist Wayne does by my lover
Andre Jules
When your favorite show is over and you don't know what to do with your life.
Aurora Giacosa
November 2018
Barbara Equestrian
Rest in peace my beautiful cute happy funny best boy, my soulmate, my kid, my best friend, my lover. Rest in peace *Toby* !\nYou left us too soon! But you will always be in my heart! You changed my life! You always made me laugh.. you died so unfair! I will find the man who did this to you.. for you my baby.. i miss you.. i am so sorry this happened to you.. you didnt desrve this! You would never heart somebody.. I love you and i will always be! Goodbye my lover...
Beau Tadlock
I love you, only you...
Bobby Lewis
Budd Hudd
I'm on a diet at the moment. Goodbye my burger goodbye French fries yous have been the ones for me. na na still eat ice cream in the rain when I'm asleep
1:22 that part remind me of gta fails 🤣🤣
Candice Bertin
Saleté de poussière dans l'œil 😪😭
Cheeky Leaks
After watching Infinity War.
Chloe Browse
I am the happiest I've ever been in life. I have been with my soul mate for just over a year, but I cry at this song so much. I never want to have to say goodbye. The thought kills me inside
Chris Brown
Tears of sadness. Some songs kill ya.
Dia Dianna
You have been the one for me...
Zajebista piosenka kurwa ale smutne jezuuu... Jest ktoś z Polski?
EDM Colombia
*WHOS LISTENING IN 2018?*\n\n\n\n\nAt the moment I am writing this, my GF is next to me in bed and I am listening to this song with headphones, planning to dedicate this song to him. Because I gave her everything and she never valued it and does not want to change her rough way of being for me. It's very sad, but I can not do more.
Enes İmamoğlu
Michael Scott \u003c3
Estella Pociulyte
2018 promise
Felix Ganule
Oo my, .... 2018 but it takes me back , 2010
Francesca Paletti
When your phone falls in the toilet
Game Over666
2090 any wone? :D
*Danny Duncan appears on screen*
October 2018???
Harlie Springer
This song makes me cry Everytime
Harrias Andriamahefa
yeah, as years goes on. my heart still belongs to you. 2 years now you left me. and still, my heart belongs to you. i really want to move on, i've met girls, friends make me met girls, so does family. but still, my heart belongs to you. Wanna really move on, but you still in my mind, in my heart..people Saïd it won't last, so did you...but still, my heart belongs to you. now, please, let me telle you, even if, or especially because you canot read this. good-bye my lover, good bye my friend. you have been the one, you have been the one for me...
Invincible Unicorn
Songs. Like this are not generally my forte, or even leaving comments, but after my break up(3y) I relate extremely, I know the feels bros and sis . Be strong , be energetic and always try being even better
JDM Subie
When carol walks out on you😭
Johy Shaban
The perfect day to listen to this, just saw my ex with his new gf :/
Jon Mccormick
This song speaks to me EXACTLY. I dumped my gf bout a month ago now (not because I wanted to) it was a long distance relationship, online she broke promises, lied but in person she was perfect. I said some questionable things when we broke up. And later when I found out she got together with the guy she kept ditching me for. I think she hates me now. I knew from the beginning we were going to go our separate ways but I tried so hard not to believe it. I worry about her and her family so much I miss her like crazy, I know I left but I want her to come back.
Jorge gamer :v
I AM sad
It takes me back to 05 when my gf told me she did not love me, my spine was literally broken after a car accident and so was my heart after she left. I spent a year healing, 2yrs crying her and here I am... it was the most painful experience of my life. I married the most beautiful girl ever yrs later :) while my ex regreted every single day but it was waaaay too late.
Jughead Jones
*it has just occurred to me that I will never find happiness*
Kadz Daman
i played this while i threw my socks away that have holes in it
Keorlos Salama
The office anyone?
Kitten 07
This is what I told my friend when die goodbye my friend you have been the one you have been the one why did my friend die why god😩😩😩😩😩😩😩🤧🤧🤧🤧😩😩😩😩
1:22. When my headphones break 💔
KushKloud 420
On June 6 2018 I lost my best friend,lover,wife & soulmate she didnt die only her love for me has died n that left me a broken man this song means alot to me its spot on our we use be til now i made alot of mistakes n regrets but biggest of all was letting my girl go ....Guys treat your girl special never make her feel down cause u will lose her i took my wife for granted and now Gods making me suffer .....I love u Emily A.M.C .....i cannot go rest of my life without most beautiful girl in world ...goodbye my lover ...this is my End .
Leana Moralis
Lexi Adams
Lucius J4
I remember listening to this song back in 2007 when my ex broke up with me. I'm married now with a kid on the way; but I thought about this song today and listening to it brings back just a little bit of the pain I felt nine years ago...
Lukas Kontrimavičius
I listened to this before shaving my beard.. It fits perfectly
This song is for that one person I love 😔 and I still have feeling for that person
Maeva Valencia
October 2018
Mark Wright
Wat a sad song but a good song
Martin Mauricio
Liquid Chap \u003c3
Matt Karsters
Thanks im so broken.......
Mia Kelly Otis
This is dedicated to us we broken heart people and lonely ones out there. We all live with regrets and pains through our life time because of our mistakes. But i choose to live with no regrets or pains because what will be will ever be and nothing can change what God has in store for us.
Missy Skiss
Dear mom, \nYoure at the last stage of youre life. You fought so damn hard! \nBut the cancer just wont leave. \nI listen to this song when i leave youre room for a smoke. \nA moment of silence, in this chaos.\nIm totally not ready to say goodbye to you. I just cant! \nBut if its means that you are at peace, no pain and in a wonderful place.\nI wil take a step back. and let you go. \nBut if it was up to me. i would hold youre hand and never let you go! \nI love you so so so so much! \nAnd im sory that this happend to you\nx
Monster AwesomeHD -
i have a sad time at my s i world so i have lover in there and friend but i have to say Goodbye ;-;
Morty Mekel
Anygirl here, please love me...
I lost my girlfriend that was the love of my life in a fatal car crash on 1/18/17 and this song reminds me of us.. there hasn't been a day that I haven't stopped crying or thinking about her the heartache is so painful... My love will never fade for you.. R.I.P my beautiful queen Shaylee reanne boling😪💔 fly high my angel😭💔
Netarded Rigger
The love of my life broke my heart 😔💔\n\n\n\n\n\n👌🏼
Nick Weinling
Who left those onions there?
Love is Never Blind.\n It is rather those who refuses to Love who are Blind
My girlfriend has just left me after 7 years.. How much pain..
Piers Grace
I will play this song at my partner’s funeral. It is quite simply one of the most beautiful songs ever written- thank-you James for writing and singing this beautiful song. So much of it resonates with me. Especially the line ‘you have been the one for me’.
Providencia Silva
My former BF of ten years used to sing this to me all the time. He had dialysis due to his kidneys. He passed away Nov. 2015. Ten months later and it still breaks my heart hearing this song. RIP Ernie. 11/11/15. 😔😢💔
RUST 00000
When you have a hilarious comment you can type but it'd take too long to type so you type something like this instead and hope it gets likes and just for luck so you like you own comment but since your impatient you take down your comment when it doesn't get at least 20 likes in the first few moments.... 😢
R.I.P to all the soldiers that have died fighting for us may god be with them
Rhea Kim
Suddenly depressed
This song should remind everyone of that one person they wish it wouldve worked out with.
Ruby Lockwood
My grandad died so we are having James blunt as his funeral song xx
Sam Libs
There is too much depressing shit in life... try to pick out the uplifting stuff and hold onto that
Sassy Classy
Who else came here because there heart was broken? Oh... just me OK... :(
Scott Wyttenbach
Does this song make anyone else think about Juliet looking at Romeo after he kills himself before she kills herself or is it just me?
Good bye Waynogouuuu
Shaun Kelly
What a powerful song they don't get any sader then this
Smedoiu Andrei
Goodbye my lover, I hope never see u :P
Sumflower Child
My mom started to cry because she thinks that that's how her father felt when her mother died 😭💔💔
T0XiC _TiT4N
When you drop your ice cream
Thando Khumalo
♥️♥️😍still the best song!!Anyone still listening in 2k18??
Thao Gonmei
3rd Dec 2018. Almost 2019. Last month of 2018. Goodbye my old, good and bad memory of 2018. With someone I love or someone I adore or with my close friend. Some pass away some are here with me. Some went in their own way as time bring us change. But I don't wanna say goodbye yet. OMG
The devil Skater
I first listened to this song when I found out about my dog dying. Then I found out my grandad had cancer and I didn't talk about it I just listened to this song. And I started to play it on keyboard. But this song has got me through so much and I love it ❤️
Thlanpuia Chhangte
2018 anyone?
Veronika Küchler
😔 😔 😔
Vinni 1964
Vo iD
The saddest song of its decade... Probably century...
Win Naing
How to make Annabelle not scary 2 brought me here
Xrhstos k
1 who \n2 do \n3 you \n4 think \n5 is \n6 a \n7 wonderful \n8 person \n\nLook at number 3 and have a wonderful day :)
Yuuri Katsuki
My boyfriend was my best friend and he told me we'd last forever and he promised he'd do everything to stay forever I still miss him he was the first person I felt a connection with he promised we have many kids and be married and he made me so happy but he left me 2 months ago alone nothing to remember him I forget hid face but once I fall asleep I see him again and we're happy together
when you're about to take the last bite of a burrito
dason gaming
Danny duncan anyone?
dylan mulroe
When you finish all your drugs and your dealer turns off his phone
Lost my boyfriend in a car wreck almost 3 months ago :( He was my soulmate... when I was with him, it felt like home... We lived together for 2 years and 6 months... we were crazy about eachother. I can't imagine to love someone like I loved him. I miss him every second of the day. I will never be the same again. This loss broke my whole existance! I miss you Robert. Every secons... every minute... EVERY DAY! R.I.P my love! 💔
jane cumberbath
When Michael Scott leaves The Office in season 7
Who's from joeydaplayer?
lovely. heart.
2050 anyone???
max vlogsII
September 2018... anyone ??
miss mimi
2019 ؟؟
mlg1230lfg postell
i will never have a gf
nicholas lawrence
RIP XXX goodbye my lover :( ....
rock SOLID
Michael Scott brought me here 😢😢😭
supihadi virgil
Make me crying
torri !!
michael brought me here