Nicki Minaj - Lookin Ass (Explicit)

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502. Dajia
i think nicki’s body was better when it was at this size🤷🏾\u200d♀️ it looks more natural
A'Special Goodmann
Cardi ain't never going to replace this
Alexis Watson
I’m ready for this nicki i know she still has it!!!!!!
Amun and Osun
men were so mad at this song but they be degrading women in their own raps all day every day
Angel Price
She went off
Anika Black
Annette Dumas
This was the year she should have stopped the butt implant 😂
Ashley Victoria
Aux X
We need this Nicki back stat. Remy can't win with this Nicki.
Baddest Hoe Deja/MERCY
Thats Her REAL HAIR LET THAT SINK IN. Obvi thats why she's Holding it up showing it off
Balloon Sage
This is a true feminist anthem.
Bantu Xhosa.
All the dudes in the club start making faces once this comes on..
Forget the music industry and their repetitive beats that they sell artists...I need Nicki to have this same energy on all of her music 😭❤️
she invented calling out men
Bldwdi Plays
This song is so slept on💯
Brit Brit
I will never understand how anybody could think this woman isn't a legend. She's one of the best period. 10 years and still making good music.
Bruno Espinoza
This is why I love the Barbie Kingdom ❤️
this is a master piece and this video deserves a grammy.
Caliph Remy
Dear old nicki pls come back ♡
Cherie May
Cardi b could never 🤷🏾\u200d♀️
Cody Wishom
Cardi who? Gtfoh Nicki runs this
Cory Cute
She went tf off 🔥
D. H.
Listening in 2018 🔥🔥🔥
Destiny Davis
Talk about its keys in the van but he really move grams in he slit it with his mans
Dice Flawless
When Cardi B makes a song that comes close to this lyrically.... then we can talk. There's levels to this shit.
Empress Mir
Where is Nicki! I need her to come back. Like ASAP
Enheritance Derrico
She went in on this !!!!! 💕💕💕 still listening in 2018
Guilherme Caldeira
GunBunny JUNK
Ok... I ain't gonna even try to hate. She looks good. Too damn good. The song was good, too... but that body tho.
Hajji Hinds
ugh for years you have been slaying, and all of a sudden mfs wanna switch up. shout out to them day ones. that shit is so cold it should come on a cone
HarHar Har
Nicki KILLED these males including Remy
J E ss E Y
I've loved you since 2009 and I forever will Nicki. My love for you I can't explain and others won't understand. You've made me who I am. ❤
Johni Anthony
This song goes harder then bodak yellow
If you don’t listen to this still you doing something wrong ! Nicki did that, legend snapped legend went off
I hope she violate like this on NM4
Omg wow I haven't listened to this song in years and I just decided to listen to it today and 4 years ago the video was released on this day!
Kendall xo
this is the Nicki we fell in love with
Kitty Gata
Who pissed her off lol
this is why Charlemagne don't like Nicki...smh😫😫
Liz Neptune
She came from nothing and turned herself into a superstar. She looks the way she wants to look, and makes millions of dollars a year. How many of these angry YouTube thugs can say the same about themselves? Zero.
This song could kill bodak yellow #justsaying
Miki Minach
she went OFFFFFF
hardest song for hood female Anthem !!!
Natalie Scabbia
This has to be my favorite song by Nicki, she's unparalleled in this one. I just can't get enough of it.
Nonhlanhla Xulu
It's funny how a ton of people are saying that they want this Nicki back or they want this type of music from Nicki but the last time I checked y'all never supported this type of shit. The hard-hitting aggressive songs that Nicki has made are the majority her poor performing slept on songs. So please stop with the noise and continue to call that trash of a hoe cardi your queen. Bye💅
Nunu Bell
This song had so many dudes in they feelings 😂😂
Pinky Williams
And this ONE SONG harder than any song cardi ever dropped!! Stop playing this is QUEEN
Queen Javaun
This Song Is SO UNDERRATED!!🔥🔥💯💯💯
Radost B.
2k18 anyone
Realspill Goddess
Baaaarrrrssssssss 🔥🔥
Renea Brown
Still my fave 🤗
Rosa Bellizzi
My most favorite Nicki is disrespectful Nicki 🤷🏻\u200d♀️
Rose Bikoi
Banger !!!! This is why she is QUEEN !!!
Ryan Garza
Powerful song. One of her best!!!
Sahara Bella
So underrated
Samuele Scudiero
this song didnt get the attention it deserved
Sara Wilson
I love how she sounds pissed off when she goes off on point through the whole thing
Sayantan Biswas
Nicki we missing you !!!
Shan W
Any dude offended has these traits
Sharon Rose
After listening to this my laptop was so hot I coudn't touch it. This shit is straight fire.
Sincerely, Tesh
Love how her face expression is so neutral lol
I love when she rap with aggression!
Terry Williams Jr
Iconic. Forever. Enough said.
This is one of her best. I hate that because she’s been on top for so long that people want to see her fall so badly. But it’s never going to change that she’s a legend and contributed to some of the most quotable verses of my generation.
Thomas Gorby
I, too, disrespect any man who only sells grams rather than kilograms of cocaine.
Treasure Anderson
At my school we went around asking which rapper is the best nicki or cardi most of them said cardi. i guess its because they havent seen this video yet
Velda Almira
Honestly she's such a goal. She is so powerful, as Chance the rapper said, she contributed so much for streaming to be count in sales. She has some business by her own, she wrote her own songs, that's why she got so much haters... she's too awesome, period.
XXX Amare Boii XXX
This song is short but dang! She went hard on this, she killed this! She is unstoppable and I want that forever, we need this Nicki Minaj back!
Z .L
All I can say is that she snapped 🔥
Zaheer Malik
This Nicki never left she just on vacation
Zee Allen
I'm hype cause now because of Cardi and Remy, we will be getting this nicki back. Like have y'all peeped that after bodak yellow went #1 her raps have gotten wayyyy better.
appleheadlover 2001
Nicki bodied every male out here with this track.
bendox ouano
whos here after chun li video?
bianca Retamoza
Nicki one of the reasons why most women feeling free in this generation 💯💁🏼\u200d♀️
coco chanel
It’s 2017 and I still body this whole song 😩 she went off on this beat 🗣🔥
en cee
It was about time someone said this ..
jenny pher
Have always known Nicki inspires cardi..but cardi will never give credit smh.
jerrie sambers
I feel bad for the white folks who can’t sing along to this.
jojo mojo
When you’re not black and you wanna rap the song but you have to bleep out the n word every time 😂😂
joy allen
You know you’re FEELING the song when you start doing her hand gestures while rapping this shit 🔥
kaye k
Nicki murdered the entire male species with this song, y'all think she can't murder remy...
This song deserved so much more attention 🔥🔥🔥
kuop scop
The queen of the rap and the world!!!
ok but she murdered the entire male species with this song.
ms. angelιqυe
The Nicki I loved 🤦🏾\u200d♀️
niesha love
Always gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥But Now had this came out in 2017...... They really woulda been💀💀💀💀💀🙊
Nicki don't get enough credit.
honestly, one of nicki's better songs. you might not agree, but you can't say it didn't come from a legitimate feeling / point of view.
ty nyielle
if this nicki ever makes a appearance the game will change again
w g
Oh no !! I just found out this song. Damn this woman talented ... Swish
xx.princessa _
one of her most underrated songs 😕but🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
zair dasent
No one can convince me Nicki ain't the queen after all this and ain't nobody got a flow like her
The beat drop was everything!! yEESSSSS