Hans Zimmer Live - Dark Knight Medley - Full - (HD)

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All credit goes to Hans Zimmer and [email protected] this live, is a dream coming true.

Batman Hans Zimmer Live Tour 2016 Oberhausen The Dark Knight Rises Hans Zimmer

His scores make you grab your seat - I've seen and heard it again in Dunkirk - and now I now what the Shephards tone is.
Adolfo Lopez Bautista
Hans Zimmer, el genio del siglo XXI
Ahmad Debsi
WTF ! 😍😍😍😍😍
çok güzel
Altangerel MyAngAnbaatar
9:13 дээрээс монголоор дээшээ бос гэд байга юм у даа
Amanda van den Berge
Because of this medley, I wanted to go a second time to Hans Zimmer. So I did :D
Andrea Sicilia
batman..................zimmer grande
Andreas Holzer
I saw the show in Munich - congrats for capturing this with a good quality sound. The bass and drums make for a very difficult setting.
André Campos
Ang Ge
THE most astounding composer in my lifetime, and I learned the violin to grade 7 and love Beethoven to Metallica and most stuff inbetween and beyond. I know great composition when I hear it :-) I still remember Video Killed The Radio Star,but for the last 20 years this man's music has been utter magic (that was also a bloody cool song by the Bugles though!)
Anton Waldenschlossert
Ihre Klangkunst dringt mir die Seele herein und macht mich wie ein kleines Kind weinen, Geisteskraftquelle, Sie haben mir so viel geholfen, durchsieht Gebrechlichkeit des Wesens ich hab mein Leben quergezogen und am Ende ein schwarzer Ritter geworden, ich schwemme meine Ohren mit diesem Klangkunstmeisterwerke, ich soll alle Ihre Werke erfahren, ich fühle das All mir göttlich geprägt, Sie haben meine Anbetung, einfach ich bin verliebt auf jene schweren Jahre mit der RING I & II Verfassung, es sei Ihnen hell im Geiste dass ihr Wohlklingkunstweltall deutet so viel für die Deutschen und Mitteleuropäische Völker, wir lieben Ihr Dasein mit ganzem lebhaftem Hærzen, Nacht ist jung und das Klopfen beehrt einstimmig Ihnen allein, vor den Kwellen der gesamten Zweckmäßigkeit dieses Zeitalters, so wie die Ängste und Schwierigkeiten Sie haben harsch überwunden, auch viele Sprachen, Gewöhnheiten, Landeskunden, Glauben und Ahnungen,steht einzig der Kunstherrscher herrlich mit Siegeskranz bleiben🇩🇪
Greetings from Ukraine. Even in youtube this is so cool)))
Augustus Caesar
The most intense opening of a soundtrack :'))
Bolivar Benjamin Guillen Medina
Hans Zimmer is, \
Brandon Do
Tickets booked for both Colorado and Boston. I cannot wait. Finally!!! \u003c3 So jealous y'all got to experience this live.
CS 22
7:45 \
Well, I was hoping to see instruments being played by musicians. Instead, the inane visuals kept us mostly in the dark. If I wanted NOT to see anything, I could have just listened to the soundtrack album. Is there any chance that someone will perform this work in a way that would be acceptable to classical music aficionados? I'm not asking for the guitar parts to be rescored or anything of that sort. I simply want to see what's going on. \n\nAlso: I prefer it when the audience sits down and shuts the fuck up, as they do during classical performances. No WOOOOs or YOWWWs. I realize that Zimmer got his start as a provider of \
Connor notyerbidness
ive now seen both hans zimmer and john williams live and i gotta say if you had to choose between the two....while john williams music is undoubtedly better, hans zimmer is the better performance due to adding in new elements such as electric guitar that are not heard in the films and his music resonates through your body as you hear it as a mix of rock and symphony vs john williams masterful music is regular symphonic.
Ich war auch in Oberhausen sehr weit vorne! Teilweise konnte ich mein Handy kaum noch oben halten wegen dem Bass!! das war bei 2:58 nicht auszuhalten und absolut genial!!
That Joker theme in the beginning is insane. The beginnings to the great soundtrack of Dunkirk
David C
I just saw them in Vegas, the most base I've ever heard at a concert. So intense!
Diogo DS
Domonic Decoco
Am I the only one Who hears blade runner 2049 in there??
Durzo Blint
Any link i can find this in CD quality ? i need it to optimize my life
Finis Ab Origine
If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot, \nor a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics,\n because it’s all ‘part of the plan’. \nBut when I say that one little old mayor will die, \nwell then\neveryone loses their minds!
Flying Fox
@ 9:14 I was like Hell YES!!!!!! TIME TO Go to the Gym
The violinist on the far left..so hawt..my waifu!
11:52 when the minimal part of Bane's theme kicked in, I got the shivers.
Hamburg ?
GeoNeo Hill
Filmed from a phone again. Why can't I find a professionally filmed version of this!??? Grrrrrr
George Tobias
Wow, no other superhero movie can even come close to this. Best acting, story, effen music, edge of your seat moments, Chris Nolan and Wally Pfiser. Nuff said
Giedrius Kripaitis
Can someone please translate what he's saying?
4:58 until about 9:05 on repeat
Gunners N5
Astounding but not monstrous.Just ahead of the curve 👀⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Hamza Kebbati
I take it it's legal to upload concert footage?
Madness, as you know, is like gravity... all it takes is a little push
Heryla Club
I probably would've died watching this live...way too many goosebumps with the opening already
I've had a vision of a world without Batman, the mob ground out a little profit and the police tryna shut them down one block at a time and it was soooo Boring.\nI've had a change of heart, I don't want Mr Reece spoiling everything but why should I have all the fun\nLET'S GIVE SOMEONE ELSE A Chance, if Coleman ReeCe isn't dead in 60 minutes then I blow up a hospital.
Just had a minor seizure...
Jeff K
When they start doing the live version of \
Jin Yu
It's amazing to realize that all of this came out of one mind, the legendary Hans Zimmer!
Johnny Veyt
I was there in Antwerp when he gave the same speech about Heath ledger, man just left me speechless.
Joolz Adderley
Just breathtakingly Beautiful, Bravo!
Jose Morales
6:04 i can imagine batman returning to action in his batpod \u003c3
9:38 my veins are all out
Kristdan Fisher
I went to the Birmingham concert and loved every minute of it. Best show I've ever been to!
Kunal Vichare
incredible !!!
Marcela Barrozo
Deshi basara! 9:13
Marcos Villarreal
@5.00 where the joker suite ends strings come in , its so damn awesome, I actually deadlifts to this, put it @5 right as I start set
I saw him live. It was amazing.
Martin R
does anybody know the name of the song at 8:30?
Mary Dragonee
madness, as you know, is a lot like gravity, all it takes is a little *push*
Mathew Evans
On the one hand, beautiful music. On the other, I am disappointed the performance didn't include a bunch of clowns with automatics storming the venue, then getting picked off by Batman.
Matt Kung
5:05, 6:06 and 6:42 SO AWESOME!
Miguel Oliveros
Mister Cipipeew
What a masterpiece oh my god
Mister M
7min30 is the best moment of the music
Peter Teehan
It saddens me that he announced that he'll won't be doing anymore super hero movies.
Phan Qi Xiang
7:23 Why do we fall \u003c3
Playamack Real o.g
they need to come to Detroit mi and preforme i would pay good 💰 for tickets
Pranot Zode
Hans Zimmer please set a concert tour in India respect from India
Richard Dames
The Maestro Master Super Genius of music composition. WOW! Imagine having been there that night! WoW!!!! Just Phenomenal!
Richard Wiking
MASTERPIECE ... 5:05 oh god
Roberto Duré Rocko Rox
thank you somuch for uploading this show, from argentina THANK YOU!!!
Rodrigo Amazonas
The Mozart of our age
Rohdian Al-Ahad
6:40 I feel like i'm the dark knight chasing joker. Yeah! Epic!
Sai Poreddy
Did i just hear epic masterpiece 😭😭
Shravani Dasari
what did he say in German?
Sifat Amin
I saw his concert in Toronto yesterday. He is amazing and all the musican with him are equally talented. Truly an amazing experience.
SoundFreak dB
Steele Parker
saw Hans live at Melbourne. frickin loved it. best evening
The Random Chat Series
How about a magic trick im going to make this pencil disappear . TADAAAAAAA ITS GONE
I had a drink if this Dark Knight potion and it was Amazing!
Batman: Spelunking.......This makes me Spelunk in my headphones!!\nWhen Batman gets a band together it has to be the coolest bunch of mofo's on the planet or he don't do it!
Timon 2001
9:52 - this Theme is so badass.
Too ranu
Hans Zimmer the best , the best , the BEST. !!!
Is the video being played above the normal speed?
Variouss Tech
hey, do you have the next song that they are about to perform??
My kingdom for the name of the violinist in the far left. Sexiest woman ever.
Would me awesome if Dark Knight Batman would appear in new Batman movie, he'd be in another universe and Flash gets to meet him. Then they'd play these kind of music.
Yousef Yahia
the dark knight
Zara Peterson
anyone know who created the motion graphics?
Zuhair Almhithawi
7:30 OMG ... the best!
_ Matatabi
They are so amazing. But Why so serious?
blackhound rise
i love the marvel Movies but their soundtracks don't compare to TDK OST coz they did not get Hans Zimmer to score for them.
grey hawk
Tina Guo?\nIs that her?\nPlaying left side?
hardie argadihita
You think darkness is your ally..
this is just too good for humans.
05:05 - I got an erection :)
jhon wick
Is that Mike Einziger of incubus on the telecaster?!?!
mike s
i am glad that i lived long enough to watch and hear hans ZImmer's magic
Perfect !!!!
say my name
No no no...I kill the busdriver\nBusdriver. What busdriver?
w.c. m.t.