Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (SNL 1992)

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Nirvana performs "Smells Like Teen Spirit" live on SNL in 1992.Check out my new backup channel:

1992 hd hq live nirvana smells like teen spirit

You're the man Stan!
Agus Chandra
Mantap brooo
Alice Motionless Ledger 570
Kurt Cobain is so attractive!
Along Angela
The drummer looks like foo fighters vocalist.. mind blown!
Anthony Sclafani
Dave's drums sound so good here
Brannon Doolin
I Didn't know that a shoe could have its own youtube channel.....\n\n\n\n\n\nim sorry....
Brian Morse, Jr.
his fx on the vocals in the version are pristine
kurt with the red hair lookin every bit like the rockstar he proclaimed he never wanted to be \u003c3
Carly Wyatt
This was a good live version. Alot of others seem rushed I bet kurt got so sick of playing this song after awhile. RIP Kurt Cobain
Cheddar Cheese
Ahh the wicked 90's.When Snl was trying to prove they were cutting edge with the sideways camera trick.I wonder what Kurt thought about that?.Legendary preformance though..thanks for the upload!
Christopher Tolley
Krist is having the time of his life, last thing on his mind is blowin his own brains out with a shotgun
Claudia Arenas
He was such a hottie
Damon Taylor
The beatles of our generation...great vid but now my neck hurts..
Daniel Martins
I'll be 100 years old and still head bang to this genius tune
Diana Woods
Yes the good old days no wars, no deplorable white folks, where you could wear holey dirty jeans and be proud and great music! 😍
Down to the last bullet
It sounds better turned all the way up with headphones in a crowded room so others can here god sing
Kurt didn't look like a rock star, which is what made him a rock star.
Esteban Aguayo
I can't imagine how hard they had to negotiate with Kurt to convince him to play this song correctly.
Ethan Hill
I remember this performance. I did not know Nirvana was the band that performed this song. I was dancing around the apartment with the drummer drilling rhythm through brick walls, and at my cluelessness.
Gay Bowser
A bit of trivia: Weird Al couldn't contact Kurt to get permission to make his parody \
GeorgeSt 777
Kurt Cobain colored his hair from Pink to Blonde?
Hilde Hewson
Best version of my favorite of them❤❤...RIP Kurt!😢
Holly Sorensen
What an absolutely amazingly beautiful human being. ❤ 💔
I Dunno
Nirvana killed the 80s
Jake Elder
Jennifer Lemuel
What kind of sweater is kurt wearing
Jerra Maurice
R.I.P. Curt Cobain 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Jose Esquivel
Nirvana la mejor banda de grunge saludos desde argentina...
Joshler's Blurryface
Oh my god i love your youtube profile picture!😂👌
Joshua Ibarra
Does kurt play his solo the same way as in the original?
K. Campbell
Funny how the audience claps and cheers. What shit we used to listen to.
Kat don76
He had a gorgeous voice 😜
Kid Poker
how is that only one guitar?
Kurdt Kobain
I was gonna think of a good nirvana pun, oh...whatever.....nevermind
Leghisti Traditori della Patria
FUCK YEA DIO FOTTUTO PORCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liz Brink
Not bad considering he was full of heroin. It’s too bad that he wasn’t able to get clean and stay around for his daughter.
Lon Tanner
Damn, Dave Grohl behind the kit. I don’t think the guy gets the props for being the true drumming beast he really is. I mean I appreciate his work with the foo fighters and him as a frontman for the band, but I think his best work is as a drummer for this band.
There’s Chorus on Kurts Guitar AND his Voice 😳 Sounds Epic👍🏼
Lol he actually tried to make it look normal here, the sound quality is also the best
Entertain us, I’ve got neckache uhhh
Marco Simula
GRANDISSIMI!!! Kurt sarai sempre un grande!!! Rip
Max Palmer
I love Nirvana there one of my favorite bands of all time
Michael M
I watched this live with my Dad when I was 13. He said \
Michael Weeks
Snare sound is killing
Mitchell Fricano
It almost sounds like there is a chorus effect dubbed over Kurt’s vocals.
Mitchell TV
What's with the Dutch angle huh?
Mohd Zahir
Tq stan smith for video😻😻kurt we miss u😢
Morehom Bual
Smells like teen spirit
My Email
2:47 Man that solo was so basic but it gives you chills everytime! There's just something about Nirvana that gives you this crazy feeling when you listen to it they were so epic.
Norman Box
Here you can see the correct strumming for Main riff at least in the first parte is up and down.
Ole Miss
Kurt obviously was left handed
Owen Hooper
fascinating use of the dutch angle
Pedro Machado
I love the drums at the beggining.. that double bass
Prasad M Galhena
If I have money, I would buy one of Kurt's guitars he used.....
Nirvana the best!!!
Rahul Rao
A Denial! A Denial! A Denial!! \nGoosebumps. God I miss that voice and of course dave banging those drums.
Ramon Alberton
best performance
Reagan Smith
please keep up the kindness & great taste n music!😜😀😎
Roberto A
Brasil 🇧🇷 loves Nirvana!
Smoking Thrillz
Kurt cobain is not only talented but handsome too
Spirit Gohman
This version should be an album version.
Stan Smith
Be sure to check out my entire untilted SNL archive here:\n!9F0kETbQ!eUnTGdJvNKqI293JFgzpvw
Taeho Kwon
wow craziness drum beat
Tight performance. Kurt's voice is insane. He hits those chorus notes with such ease.
Thalita Tavares
Just a garage band from Seattle. That became one of the best gruge rock bands in the world. Imagine if Kurt hadn't killed himself 😢😢😢. RIP Cobain
Tio Pablo
This video made me tilt my phone for about 45° angle simply because this performance is EPIC!!!! 🤘🤘🤘
I'm in love with that guitar!
Toni Smith
Ppl go on about his addiction as if they're sharing a revelation. WE KNOW ABOUT THE HEROIN. Move on. (comment on his performance? Rock music? Anything but repetitive H stories. it's all old af💙REST IN PEACE, BLUE EYES💙
Unko Toire
Their music is never going to be fade away. I listen to their song everyday and its always fresh for me.
Vid Mohit
Best version. Kurt actually played it AND sang it like he cared lol
this was the peak year for nirvana... watching this I understand why\n\nRIP Kurt we love u
Wayne Larsen
Happy to say I was there....
Will Gentry
I watched this snl back in the day. Loved it and couldn't wait for the next tape lol
William Perez
One of the greatest grunge band ever never in a lifetime will be able to see them live\nR.I.P Kurt Cobain forever a great musician
Yo Rue
West Coast Shit!
Zachary gattuso
pink haired Kurt Cobain?
alfredo maldonado jr
OMG come back to life Kurt!!!
I can imagine kurt chillin with his pals in WA. Gettin high and he says \
Dave Grohl is a great drummer!. Love his heavy style of playing
jonathan chatziliadis
Dat Snare Sound Though....Sick !!
julius collantes
That snare
This is the best sounding live performance of Teen Spirit recorded imo. He didn’t intentionally play it like garbage like he usually did. I don’t think he played it much after ‘90-‘92. It was clear he got sick of this song.
persain empire
Why did you go too soon my baby
amazing sound
roger peet
Outstanding !!    I really miss these guys.
90s rock drummers were way over the top! ..
sunny alas
That voice is unreal..😐..damn u Kurt Cobain for dying
The greatest performance of teen spirit they ever did.flawless!!
This is probably the best version of teen spirit. Those drums and guitar distortion though! Sounds so heavy, love the echo feedback at the end of the solo. Should have left that in the studio version.
Just as good live as they were on their albums. RIP Kurt