Tim Burtons Stainboy in HD - Episode 1, Stare Girl

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We developed Stainboy with Tim Burton back in the free-flowing cash days of the internet... here's the premiere episode, which introduces the trance-inducing Stare Girl.

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208 2dboy
is this Kyle gabler
Alicia Orellana
I'm growing up very close to where he did , very suburban area so it's like really funny to see how much he took from the environment he grew up
Amelie Esquivel
same girl from Tim's \
Andrew Kind
Stainboy cinematic universe in 2030
Anya Marais
OMG!!! I used to watch these back when I was in school... I'd totally forgotten them! :D
BriLovesTimBurtonMovies Briones
Im so into tim burton stuff and movies
Calista Vicente-Bradley
The girl looks like the girl with the cat in his movie frankenweenie
it is the weird girl from frankenweenie
Chris Leyshon
she has no personality, she spends a lot of time in the mirror, shes so boring she almost makes stainboy fall asleep, so he wills her death. she sumises many american girls who judge a man on looks.
\u003cコ:彡, that is a squid
@VocaloidOtaku010101 \nTheres more blood in Sweeney Todd than that, if you think about it... Anyway, even though this was really dark, as can usually be expected from Tim, I still couldn't hold back laughing at Stare Girl the entire time.
Reminds me of salad fingers
Is the police chief guy voiced by the Mayor of Halloween Town, Glenn Shadix?
WTF did I just see
This Characters are from his poem book, i read it - kinda weird tho. But Timmy is our weirdo king isn't he? I like him.
Derahj Alessyram Vilalta Ayats
Parece que la chica es de frankenweenie
i love Tim, but i cant believe that i spent all these years unknowing this amazing art!!! now i can die! lol
Diana Miaou
This is horrible!
Elizabeth Cooper
Tim burton ,, i love you
Erica Lauer
What??? I want to watch another but that was... Slightly disturbing. :/ poor staring girl. Not a cool way to go.
She looks like me when i was little only my bangs were a bit longer
That death doh
Fallen Angel Zagreus
weird girl was based off staring girl which came from his book the melancholy death of oyster boy =) So he more or less updated his own character.
Hannah D.
I think because it is the weird girl from frankenweenie.
am i the only one that noticed her ceiling light was fruit:|
IzabelleThe Amazing
Jorge Orellana
I am in love
Koki Shwan
I liked the poems!
Why is so much people critizising this? I totally love it! And taht weird girl, so great. I love Tim Burton!!!
Lina Tenenbaum
was that the creepy girl with the cat from Frankenweenie? They kind of look alike.
Loli Chan
The staring girl was originally one if his poems :)
The fuck Tim Burton.... The fuck.
Love httyd
I was watching this at school on i did not see the end of this coming
M0SHi M00
Aww i find this so cute xD
It's too bad people don't follow this rule... The internet would be a better place...\n
Would you say the same thing to a film and tv critic, or perhaps a journalist covering an \
Mathieu Leader
taking a staring contest a bit too far
Mie Mohd
bring my old days on atomfilms website, this is good series
stare girl wins staring contest haha
(I'm replying to a 2 year old comment. Why?) Anywho, Burton has made bloody stuff before. In fact his version of \
My Chemical Romance
My mom maid me watch this
This little animation was really made by Tim Burton? And he wrote the poems too, didn't he? Has he got a book or something? And these animation are only on Youtube?
Natalie Rose
Actually the girl from frankenweenie was based off of her, this came out before then,
Northern Lad Productions Limited
It's hard to believe that Tim Burton himself was involved in this...
Panic_ withSirens
He called him a freak of nature lol
I thing Weird Girl was based off of Staring Girl
Bored now. Bye bye.
It's actually the same girl.She also appears in his book:Teh melancholy death of Oyster boy :D
Samantha Castillo
Stainboy... he's so fucking cute and weird!! LOL
i dont get it
Scoobert Doobert
there so cute!!💘💘💘 I luv tim burton.
That was.....disturbing.
wtf? i dont know how to react to this no matter how awesome tim burton is... what's up with the grapes on the ceiling? one moment thier there i look away and there f*cking blood everywhere lol, that was awesome!!! love you tim! ur movies ae awesome!! yaaaayy for weird like things!! sorry if i offended, this is really funny, lmfao,yaaaay blood!
Sunny Nyx
why am I up at 3:30 in the morning watching this?
Talia Smalls
This book is better
Even in minuscule shorts like this one, Danny Elfman still needs to have a subtle chorus in his score....epic.
Trenton Rogers
reminds me of the weird girl in the new frankenweenie\n
It looks lik tim's...but idk...if he would do this
Wolf Boy
This is so cool, you are awesome Tim burton
amira rodriguez
my favorite part is when all the blood goes everywhere
char perez
Who's watching in2k16
haha magibon
g desdemona
da faq did i just watch
grumpy luke
More episodes please!!!
bloooood o_0000
this so lame... -_-
jassica albert
the staring sound fx is annoying
joseph dennis
PSA: Do not watch this while on acid
i have 3 dolls from these storys :D
kayla saroyan
its a bird, its a plane, nope its just Stainboy
audio lag
lea white
yeah its because he did that as well so its probably used from this you know just the beginning of a idea of his came into a film
now this, children, is why we shouldnt make tim burton bored\n
hahaha this was a funny episode
maxmo jack collins
haven't you heard?\n\nTHAT THE BIRD IS THE WORD? UMPAPA UMAMAOMAOUMAOMAMAOUMPAMAOMAOLEPAPAUMAUMAUMAU\ni said a birdbirdbirdbird bird is the word bird bird bird bird is the word\n\nSURFING BUUUURRRRRRRRRRDDDDD
I have the toys of theeeeseee!\n
omg! I remember when these first premiered back in the day when I was in high school! Thank you flinch studio for making a die hard Tim Burton fan's day!\n I thought it was awesome stare girl is in the new frankenweenie!\n I literally pointed and went \
I remember Stare Girl from like back in 2000 or so. The search for her brought me here, and now I remember Stain Boy too!
I love the staring girl...they made a toy of her but I never got it I should have
O,..,O! whoah mate....
So much staring ㅠ_ㅠ It's 12:30 AM..
A wild Gothita appeared.
This is pretty stupid .. This is more like Tim Burtons diarrhea.
여자아이가 무슨 병이 있나요?